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Captain’s Tale brings you stories of the lesser-known, the unheard heroes, change-makers, educationists, innovators, entrepreneurs and the list goes on. We, at Captain Tales, are both a media research firm and a story-telling platform that strives to connect the like-minded, and the brightest gems whose spark of creation can inspire many.

Since time immemorial, stories around have shaped the world. Some narratives have changed history and influenced the mindset of generations. We, at Captain Tales, believe in connecting everyone to a common platform for sharing ideas and experiences. Who knows, one tale of hope may ignite inspiration in many? The Captain Tales Team brings its research and creative acumen to collect, analyze, and develop content pieces about the real pioneers from around the world who deserve exposure and attention. Our tales reflect who we are – energetic, positive, and glorious. Our mission is to speak stories, that drive the heart and soul. The Team at Captain Tales echoes this passion in their writing, in everything that they do, right from developing to publishing these stories.

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