10 Small Business Ideas in Dubai and How to Set Up?

Dubai has evolved into a major trade hub and is a growing trade and economic hub offering world-class infrastructure for investors.

What are the most profitable businesses in UAE or Best Business ideas in Dubai?

Dubai modern architecture landmark skyline view from the Marasi marina in city Business bay downtown area in the United Arab Emirates at blue hour at night

Let’s take a look at some of the best small business ideas for Entrepreneurs in Dubai.

  • Restaurant and Cafeteria: – The Food and Beverage industry is always in demand in UAE but it is a highly capital-intensive sector. There is a requirement of a significant initial investment in the hotel business for the kitchen, seating area, ambiance, delivery staff, and the requirements for a restaurant.
  • Event management: – There is an active demand for event management companies and it is driven by the commercial and private parties in UAE. With a large number of corporates and small and medium companies, and a multi-national community, event management is one of the businesses with success-probability lying on the higher side.
  • Construction: – There is an immense requirement for building materials, construction equipment, electrical works for the ongoing projects in the UAE. At present UAE construction market is valued at USD 101.45 billion in 2020.
Construction has been one of the promising sector in Dubai and is expected to grow more.
  • Health and wellbeing: – The residents of UAE are health conscious and are actively seeking wellness programs and lifestyle classes for yoga, dancing, gym, Zumba, etc. This makes health the well-being venture attractive and lucrative at the same time.
  • Transportation:- Transportation is a major business opportunity in the UAE. Though public transport is well connected to all the places in the UAE, for office commute often a vehicle is a must-have for quickly reaching the workplace. This is where budding minds can fill the gap and make a promising future.
  • Logistics: – Due to the strategic location and extensive network of road, air, water transport the transit of goods in and out of the UAE to other global markets is made easy.
  • Real estate: – Dubai has got some of the world’s best properties to stay. Also, the commercial properties are of world-class standards with customized offices, warehouses, and light manufacturing units.
  • Digital Marketing and website development: – Marketing is an important aspect for companies in the UAE. There are immense marketing opportunities for organizations in the UAE to showcase their brands.
  • Cleaning services: – There are various specific requirements to be fulfilled in the cleaning services sector. From glass cleaning to interior cleaning and polishing services, there is immense opportunity to tap into.
  • Day-care services: – Child care services are much needed for the working ex-pats in Dubai to safely look after the children while they are away for work.
Concept of wellbeing or wellness is becoming a profitable and lucrative business in Dubai.

What are the things required to set up a Business in Dubai?

The passport copy, your entry stays up in page copy, your visit visa copy.

The business name which you have planned for your business, you must have that with you.

And if you have any utility bill or any address proof of your home country you can use it also.

So, these are the basic documents that you need to show to get a license in Dubai. In addition, have a white background passport size photograph of yours to be used in documents.

Once you step into Dubai, you need to make sure that all the documents are ready with you and you need to have a clear view that what business you are going to do, how to attract the customers then accordingly you can choose a jurisdiction mainland, free zone or offshore before you step in Dubai. For example, if you are planning a local business-like saloon or laundry or a restaurant or any local business you wish to set up in the Dubai market then definitely a mainland company is required. In case you just want to have a virtual company where most of your business is not inside but outside and with other countries then we can also set up an offshore company.

If you wish to do business with both local and international markets then Friesen can also be considered as one of the options as it has its requirements. Once the jurisdiction part is done then you can register your business and it’s better if you go to a business consultant or you can directly go to the department with your documents, then tell them about your business activity, give them your new passport copies, make the required payments.

Once they do your trade name and initial approval then they will get prepare the Memorandum Article of Association, they will get it signed.

There is always a share capital requirement on papers. Generally, you don’t have to deposit any money in the bank account where just with your passport copies and signing the agreements you can set up a company, but sometimes some free zones, which are premium regions, might need a share capital requirement where you have to deposit a particular amount in the bank account. However, in most of the other places, you don’t need to.

So, once you sign the MOA and AOA, you need to show them what facility you have rented, like an office or a warehouse or retail space or maybe virtual space. In Dubai, the virtual space will cost you nothing, and once you submit that, you need to sign the agreement and deposit all the papers to get your license.

So, the happiest thing is that with only these low requirements, you can easily set up an offshore, free zone, and mainland company where you get your license in just two working days after applying.

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