Dubai added another First to the Queue with Initiating Multi-speciality Elderly Healthcare Centre

Dubai Healthcare City (DHCC), a devoted healthcare free sector, and VITA, a UAE-based healthcare financial company, have come up with a solitary elderly-care amenity that will be functional by 2024. The 250-bed health care amenity is planned to have daycare and also long-term care benefits. It is sketched to benefit from multi-facility compounds that include family medicine, geriatrics, neurology, orthopedics care and also will serve the elderly Emiratis, expatriates, and medical travelers who are aged above 65. Work has begun for this prestigious, novel design in the whole of the Middle East.

The DHC has endorsed an agreement to this mega project with VITA, a UAE-based healthcare funding company. 

Once it is concluded, the VITA Elderly Care Complex will grow to be the center of excellence for geriatric care in Dubai and the UAE. Its facility will comprise an Outpatient Geriatric Medical Centre, a state-of-the-art Nursing Home (Long-term Care), Alzheimer’s Centre, Elderly Day Care Centre, Rehabilitation Facility, Ventilated Care Centre, Home Care Centre, and Home Health Monitoring.

About VITA Elderly Care Complex:

Experts believe that this mega project has pleased many owing to the commitment and duty so that they can meet the urge for integrated, premium health care services for the elderly, which is a crucial and flourishing demographic of UAE society.

This new mega project, which is in Al Jaddaf Dubai, facing Dubai Creek, will be a health and wellness destination for the new geriatric center. It also will be an essential ingredient of Dubai Healthcare City Phase 2. 

VITA chairperson Mr. Abdullah Al Gurg pointed out, “Specialised medical care and non-clinical services for the elderly are currently not available at optimum capacity in the UAE. Addressing the needs of an aging population is both a moral imperative and an essential service in the continuum of care. As Dubai continues to provide leading healthcare services to its population, we believe that there is a vital need for elderly care that must be addressed. This is ever more clearly in a post-COVID world where the elderly have been one of the most affected and vulnerable sections of society. Through the establishment of VITA care, our aim is to place Dubai as a regional and global leader in this critical area of medical and pastoral care for the elderly”. 

Budget health-care model:

The Centre’s initiation comes at an inflection point in the domestic and zonal healthcare system. As medical developments in the community certify that people live longer, the probe of care expands beyond entirely medical and reposition to quality of life and annihilation care. With the UAE organizing one of the huge senior populations in the province and the second-largest in the Gulf Cooperation Council for life anticipation, the demand for such amenities has become more essential. 

Even though the UAE is home to a huge youthful population, its elderly headcount is rising. 

Elite expectancy rates and authority navigation to encourage more people to recline sources in the UAE–via long-term golden visa and the start of a retirement visa program for over the age of 55 are regulated to contribute to climbing in the future. 

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