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Expo 2020 is a world expo, which is being hosted by Dubai in United Arab Emirates where it has been started from 1st October 2021 to 31st march 2022. It is one of the huge events with the duration of 6 months. Now, don’t miss out on any of the 60 shows which are being held every day and are expected to attract 25 million visitors.

Since this event should have been hosted at 2020 is now hosted at 2021 with the motto “Connecting minds, creating future” which notes that is generating sustainable solutions to global problems demands collaboration across culture nations and regions. It shows what if everything comes together.

The sub themes of the Dubai Expo 2020 are sustainability, mobility and opportunity, where the areas are under focused for sustainability segments are of industries, financial capital, governance, employment and education.

You might be thinking what is this word ‘EXPO”? let me tell you. Expo is nothing but Exposition which means a large exhibition combined with art or trade goods.


1) What is Dubai Expo 2020?

Dubai Expo 2020, everyone is talking about it but what is this Expo 2020 exactly?

Dubai Expo 2020

We can tell it as just an exhibition but, one of the biggest events of the entire world where 192 countries participate hosting pavilions, showcasing their culture cuisines, art, technology, innovations, inventions, the best from around the world. There will be world Expo’s every 5 years since 1851 and each of these lasts 6 months. The last Expo was held in Milan in 2015 with the theme of feeding the planet and energy for life for 170 years. The world Expo has provided a platform to showcase the greatest innovations, inventions that have shaped till today. All the icons will be portrayed in Dubai Expo 2020 which is been started on 1st October 2020 and will continue till 21st march 2022. All of Expo 2020 is divided into 3 districts. There is Tera, which is about Sustainability, there is Alif which is about Mobility and there is Mission possible which is about Opportunity.

It will be so excited where I think people will be confused which one to experience and trying to visit all the pavilions, hope everyone feels that they are creating the future in 6 months since it is really one of the biggest Expo in the entire world. In this Dubai Expo 2020, all the 192 participating countries will have their own pavilions at Expo 2020. Hungary, Serbia, Thailand, United Kingdom, United States of America, Russia, Singapore, Spain, New Zealand, Moracco, United Arab Emirates. And the visitors will experience the best from each pavilion. It will be like walking around the globe from one city. The UAE too is having its own pavilion is embeds a Falcon in Flight which is designed by Santiago Calatrava. Expo 2020 is the worlds first Expo to be hosted by the Arab Nation. It is really a very big deal. It will open its doors on October 1st 2020 and it will run for 6 months. This will be the biggest event in the world. People are very much exciting especially for the food and we can wait to buy the way around the world.

2) What are the different Expo events?

Expo 2020 brings together 182 days of Art, Music, Architecture, Technology and culture from around the world, to Dubai. You can enjoy immersive cultural experience and discover what makes each country unique as you explore hundreds of pavilions.

Alif - The Mobility Pavilion | Expo 2020 DubaiGrimshaw to Design Sustainability Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai | ArchDaily   MEED | Expo pavilion proclaims 'Mission Possible'       

  • There are several entertainment activities which encompasses a Germany Pavilion which has a Robo band.
  • The famous works of Beethoven’s like flash mobs, opera, pop-up theatres and other great shows.
  • From Origami to Anime which is the Japanese Pavilion whose theme is “Where the concepts meet” it has created an opportunity for people to come together and percentage their concepts for a better future.
  • The Expo centre is also known as the Heart of the Dubai Expo 2020. It is an iconic structure of Expo 2020. It is the largest unsupported dome and pretty much the heart of Expo 2020.
  • There will be lots of performances by the school students in UAE, along with the street festivals, stage shows, parades, concerts and musical events.
  • It also views all the challenges facing humanity through economic, cultural, social and environmental.
  •   A United Kingdom Pavilion, people can get an innovative experience where they can add their voices to a continually evolving collective message. Its completely curated via Artificial Intelligence.
  • The future of mainstream commercial aviation as it is going to be in 2071 the centennial year of the UAE is explored at the Emirates Pavilion.
  • The drones show, corridors which can deliver the medicine for rural localities and the world’s best practices are showcased along with healthcare innovative ideas.
  • Installations, workshops and several performances are included by Art and Cultural Activities. It gives a change to make people to enjoy charming calligraphy benches with fabulous experience.
  • A unique dining experience with robots, which displays 30+ concepts in a novel cloud kitchen at Talabat Kitchen.
  • The best chefs are brought together to buckle up with the soul stirring dishes at African food hall.
  • There is an architectural landmark which is the biggest 360-degree projection surface in the world, more than 90+ unique pavilion and futuristic LEED gold and platinum structure covering 200.000sqm can be experienced by the visitors.
  • The Falcon-shaped UAE which is like the Falcon in the flight is one of the most mesmerizing Pavilion where you must visit and experience.


  • In the Indian Pavilion, there is an Innovative Hub where they have showcased a project which portray the conversion of air into water.
  • The Belgium pavilion which highlights the Arch-themed dome and one of the great Architecture which makes the visitors stun.
  • There is an adventure Hammour House which showcased a coral reef and 300-seater stage which moves around and takes a round through the waterfall, where you can feel that you are walking through the forest, desert and rainfall.
  • And you cannot miss out the biggest passenger lift in the world at the Pavilion called Mobility which adorably takes 160 people together to watch the pavilion view.

These are the few pavilions which highlights the Dubai Expo 2020. There are hundreds of robots which helps people with direction, taking pictures and not only that it reminds you to wear mask all the time not just robots there are over 30000 volunteers as well at Expo 2020 to guide you, to help you and volunteer you with all your requirements. And definitely one day is not at all enough to explore the whole Expo 2020.

3)what are the Dubai Expo 2020 dates?

The Dubai Expo 2020 should have been in 2020 itself but if was scheduled due to Covid where every country suffered and struggled together. So, the Expo is now started. It got started on 1st October 2021 which will takes us till 31st march 2022, where we have lots of time to at least visit few of the pavilions to experience the future inventions, innovative ideas, Art, trading goods along restaurants and what not? If you want to go then Definitely you have to book your tickets.

4) What are Dubai Expo 2020 ticket prices?

Coming to tickets part, the Dubai Expo 2020 provided the tickets into the people’s comfort. First thing to clear is that it’s absolutely free for visitors who are under 18, for the students too and for those who are the senior citizens.

Here are the other packages:

The standard tickets: –

  • There is a Seasonal pass (18-59 years) it costs INR 10,766.50.
  • There is a multi-Day pass (18-59 years) it costs INR 4,241.35.
  • There is 1-Day ticket (18-59 years) it costs INR 2,019.99.
  • To get the premium experience (18-59 years) it costs INR 37,572.35.

The bundle tickets: –

  • To get a family package to need to pay INR 20,390.99 where it includes 3 season passes, 1 photography voucher and a 25% discount on 5 multi-day passes.
  • To get a Jubilee experience you need to pay INR 212,631 which includes 4 season passes, 30 multi-day passes, 10 one day ticket- adult (18-59 years), 6 Jubilee lounge by Emaar vouchers, 5 Garden in the sky vouchers, 10 guided tours vouchers and 6 photography vouchers. That’s really a huge package.

The Add-ons tickets are like you can visit any one of pavilion at Dubai Expo 2020 which costs INR 1,382.10 except for the Signature Tour Sustainability- English (Private) and Signature Tour Sustainability- Arabic (Private) which costs INR 23,389.41.

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