5 Fashion Startups in Middle East Offering Best Styles In 2021

In the Middle East, fashion has become an integral aspect of the e-commerce business. Fashion startups of all types, from design houses to independent retailers, are making it easier than ever for customers to discover new styles and interact with up-and-coming designers. Arab fashion startups will only continue to influence the face of e-commerce in the area, so it’s critical to keep up with the most influential.

Here are 5 Middle Eastern fashion startups:


Fashtory was founded by entrepreneur Alanoud Al Mubarak to address Saudi Arabia’s underserved fashion sector. The company has built a platform for new designers to connect with buyers, merchants, and other fashion enthusiasts all across the world.

Fashtory takes away a lot of the stress that comes with looking for exciting new fashion things for shoppers. Shoppers can browse the startup’s list of products and designers from across the world whether they’re seeking for the latest menswear or new shoes.

Fashtory takes care of the majority of the legwork, allowing consumers to find exactly what they’re looking for or discover completely new trends.By connecting them to its broad worldwide network, Fashtory also makes it simple for small-time and new designers to grow their fan networks. The startup allows designers to categorise themselves and their stores through its mobile app so that they would appear in relevant customer searches.

La Reina

Since its inception in 2016, La Reina has made it possible for Egyptians to experience luxury apparel without having to acquire it. Locals can rent their wedding gowns, evening wear, and accessories to others through the internet portal. By limiting results based on the colour and size of the clothing, La Reina allows customers to find the perfect appearance for every occasion.

Individuals can also search by designer to find their preferred styles and appearances.La Reina will either bring the things to the users’ front doors or send them to a nearby fitting location after they select the products they want to rent. Renters can arrange for pick-up or drop-off of their things at one of the startup’s sites, making returns simple.La Reina has helped its clothing owners generate approximately $200,000 in rental income since its beginning.


Namshi caters to a niche of young, fashionable Arabs who want to try out new designs and trendy brands. The business has amassed a collection of over 500 brands from both local and international designers. Namshi adds hundreds of new garments, shoes, and accessories to its inventory every week by tracking rising fashion trends. In addition, the firm sells things from its own fashion collection.

Mema Jewelry

Mema Al Shafey, a jewellery designer, has been creating gorgeous, high-quality necklaces, tiaras, rings, and other accessories since 2012. She sells the items through her company, Mema Jewelry, which specialises in assisting Egyptian ladies in making fashion statements with bespoke accessories.Even the most fashionable fashionistas will be able to find something they like among the startup’s creations, which are all made of 18k gold and 925k silver and set with gemstones. Mema Jewelry has previously dressed a number of local celebrities.

Zaam Designs

Zaam Designs is an Egyptian fashion business that has been producing high-quality handbags and clutches for customers since 2012. Ahmed Azzam, an entrepreneur and designer, creates designs for both men and women that incorporate both contemporary and historic elements. Each piece is handcrafted in Zaam Designs’ Cairo workshop, ensuring that they are of the highest quality in terms of craftsmanship and materials.Zaam Designs continually launches unique collections that feature a variety of materials and silhouettes based on these brand ideals. The firm has been able to cater to people with a wide range of tastes and fashion senses because of this shifting style.

In recent years, Middle East startups have seen a significant increase in funding. There are many more fashion startups in Middle East, the above ones are the few of them you can try. These startups are attempting to innovate in the fashion business in a number of ways.

Source: ehsanollahbayat

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