10 New Trends for Workout Exercises

Fitness and physical healthcare were viewed as one of those areas that remained untouched by the recent progressing trends. People often indulged in activities that got passed around by word-of-mouth and rarely took interest in anything that deviated from their perception of exercising. But time is changing. Innovation and technology are transforming the fitness and workout sector by introducing unique user experiences, personalization, and most of all, the freedom to choose and modify one’s workout regime. Here are the 10 new trends for workout exercises:

1) Group Training

Call it a motivational factor or a social aspect, but group training has been a dynamic driving force behind many individuals participating in different and new physical activities. Especially for the millennial and generation Z, group training surfaces as a unique method of exploring new trends making their way into the workout landscape.

2) Hybrid Fitness Workouts

Although not new, hybrid fitness workouts and classes have just begun to break out among common people who are yearning for a healthy lifestyle. Trendy hybrid workouts, such as Yogalates, which combine yoga with Pilates and Aqua Zumba, which combines water exercise with a fitness-based dance style, are a significant hit among many health seekers.

3) Yoga with HIIT

Similar to a type of hybrid workout, a combination of HIIT (high-intensity interval training) with dynamic yoga poses is recently gaining popularity among numerous people who are looking to burn severe calorie counts while stretching their sore muscles.

4) DIY Training

For fitness seekers who are a big fan of no-equipment, at-home workouts, DIY training come handy. By participating in activities such as push-ups, planks, sit-ups, and more, individuals can shed that extra weight conveniently without having to search for a suitable gym.

5) Functional Training for Fitness

Probably one of the most practical fitness regimes in this list, functional training improves balance, coordination between different body parts, overall strength, and endurance. Helpful for old-adults, functional training focuses on moving those body muscles that are used by people almost every day.

6) Wearable devices

Who doesn’t know about this latest trend in fitness? Used to monitor and track burnt calories, heart rate, time period of the exercise, breathing rate, and more, wearable devices are a person’s best friend when it comes to simplifying fitness workout.

7) Balanced Diet

Yes, physical training is necessary and a routine is required to maintain physical fitness, but nothing works if the diet is not nutritious and balanced. A diet consisting of green vegetables, high protein, and fibre content along with the right amount of energy, iron, zinc, and other vitamins is critical for every exercising body.

8) At-home Test Kits

Although not a fitness-related item, at-home test kits such as blood pressure gauge, blood sugar model machines, and weighing machines work in tandem with an individual’s exercise routine to show how the physical training has been progressing and what are its positive results on the body.

9) Personalized Fitness Training

It is one of those training activities that include hiring a personal gym or yoga trainer, recruiting a nutritionist, and following their set standards to lead a healthy and fit life.

10) Meditation

Moving on from physical fitness to peace of mind, meditation proves to be a popular practice among every individual, especially the ones suffering from stress and anxiety. It also brings glowing skin and drives away breathing issues.

An Engineer by education, and a writer by profession, Ritika lives her life in stories. Her never-ending love for narratives encouraged her to turn her passion into a profession. In more than 4 years of working as a content writer, she has contributed to building content for a reputed technology magazine and a few start-ups.

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