A step-by-step guide to getting a free doctor’s consultation in the UAE

If you are suspecting corona-virus symptoms, then here is how to get a free doctor’s consultation.

With a lot of news and panic around the monstrous Covid-19, stepping out of home for regular check-up has also become a scary task. During such a period of crisis and to understand the health problem that one is facing, online consultation comes to the rescue. You can now check symptoms and eligibility for coronavirus test with the help of online consultation with doctors.

Are you are looking for online doctor’s consultation, without moving out of home? Do you know how to get free online doctor’s consultation in the UAE? 

Here are a few steps following which you can book a free online teleconsultation with a licensed doctor in the UAE:

Call your neighbourhood healthcare facility or 999 during an emergency. Notice that we are sharing solutions for non-emergency cases, that do not require an immediate physical examination.

Ministry of Health and Prevention (MOHAP) has launched a virtual doctor service that helps in discovering if you should get a Covid-19 test done. You can get access to the service by visiting the following website: https://www.mohap.gov.ae/en/Aboutus/Pages/COVID-19.aspx/

How does the service work?

When you click on the website, you will be asked to take an online self-assessment test, done through a chat-bot. Your responses will then decide if you are at risk of COVID-19. As a next step, you will be connected to a Ministry-accredited officer.

Step 1

When you visit the website and take the online Corona test, the chatbot will enquire about a few basic questions based on your medical history. The first question will be an enquiry about your emirate of residence followed by the questions below:

  1. Have you travelled in the last 14 days?
  2. Have you recently been in contact with someone who has travelled and has fallen ill now?
  3. Have you been in contact with someone diagnosed with COVID-19? If you are not sure about this question, you can state “not to my knowledge’’ as a response.
  4. Are you experiencing a cough?
  5. Do you have a fever?
  6. Are you experiencing symptoms like runny nose, sore throat?
  7. What is your age?
  8. Do you experience shortness of breath?
  9. Do you have any of the following chronic diseases – Lung disease, hypertension, diabetes mellitus?
  10. Heart Disease
  11. Chronic renal disease
  12. Chronic liver disease
  13. Neurologic disability
  14. Immunocompromised conditions
  15. Smoking

Whatever is the outcome of your responses derived from the tool, if it is found that you are at risk of COVID-19, you will be directed to a physician.

Step 2

Doctor’s Consultation

When it is found that you are at risk, the chat will then be directed to a physician. The doctor will then introduce himself/herself and enquire about all your symptoms and study the case accordingly. The doctor may connect with you further for more information, suggest you the next course of action, whether it includes getting a COVID-19 test, self-isolation at home or heading to a nearby healthcare centre.

Doctor for Every Citizen 

The Dubai Health Authority has extended a unique service to its citizens termed as ‘Doctor for Every Citizen’. This service extends to all Dubai residents where they can avail free doctor’s consultations via video or voice calls for COVID-19. You will need to download the DHA app, available for Apple and Android devices. After downloading the app and agreeing to the terms and conditions, the first information that will be visible on the app is ‘COVID-19 – Information about Corona Virus’. Just below this information, you will find the ‘’Doctor for Every Citizen’’ widget.

When you are ready to book an appointment, you will be asked to enter your Dubai Health Card details. If you do not have a health card, you can call 800DHA and a representative will help you in creating a file with all the information that you provide. The file number can be used again to book an appointment.

There are two options to book an appointment – either through audio or video call.

Phone Consultation

Phone consultation is also available with UAE’s health authorities. You can speak with a physician on the Ministry of Health and Prevention hotline at the given number – 800 111 111

When you call on the number, you will be then asked to dial numbers with options for a different purpose.

800 342 is another number available for calling DHA

If you suspect that you have contracted the virus, you can then speak to a representative to book a consultation.

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