Build an Unbreakable Immunity System Through Right Diet and Exercise

When you eat, you provide energy to your body and brain to carry out daily routine tasks. But not every food that you consume offers the right energy in the right amount. Hence, you have to be careful of what you give to your body to ensure that healthy and continuous energy is supplied to it throughout the year 24/7.

Furthermore, your brain, although one of the smallest body organs, consumes more than 20 percent of total energy in your body. All of these functions and some more require you to take a healthy diet that does not interfere with your body and mind’s natural functioning. 

Seasonal Fruits

Natural sugar, protein, and anti-oxidants are necessary minerals to stabilize sugar content in the blood. One of the best ways to naturally intake all these minerals is through seasonal fruits. For example, bananas are rich in protein, and oranges are a good source of Vitamin C. 

Leafy Green Vegetables

People hate green vegetables, but their organs love them. Leafy green veggies are the best source of iron, potassium, and calcium. They even contain Vitamins K, E, C, and variants of B that help boost immunity and provide the right amount of necessary energy that fights stress and fatigue. Alongside green veggies, dry fruits, such as cashews and hazelnut, contain iron as well. 


Stroll, run, walk, or treadmill; exercise every day as per your convenience and time. However, we still say that exercising for 30-40 minutes either in the morning or the evening is best. Even yoga helps to build immunity gradually when practised daily.

Hydrate Yourself

If you’re eating right, sleeping on time, and spending a considerable amount of time socializing, the only thing left to do is drink water more and more. On average, 2 to 3 litres of water intake is right for both men and women. It helps to keep your skin and hair toxin-free, all the while providing essential nutrients to run your internal organs by flushing out excess and insufficient minerals from your body regularly.

Avoid Processed Sugar and Caffeine Intake

It is essential to know what to put inside your body, and it is equally necessary to know what to avoid. Say no to every type of processed sugar food, including tea and coffee. Instead, use sugar-free powder or tablets or rely on natural honey to sweeten your beverages and food.

Snack Healthily

Not every time, everyone wishes to indulge in a meal; snacks are a lifesaver in such situations. But choosing a healthy snack over a chocolate milkshake or waffles is necessary. While you can seldom have fast food and snacks, your goal must be to eat yogurt, dry fruits, popcorn, nuts, and fruits. You can pick out assorted and mixed nuts, seeds, and berries for your daily diet that includes the nutrition of many in one.

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