Fight Coronavirus with Right Hygiene

COVID – 19 or the Coronavirus has gripped the entire world by its throat. The pandemic is unlikely to disappear any soon or without a fix or vaccine. However, it can be averted by following a few simple and necessary protective measures, such as hand washing, zero physical contact with other fellow humans, and social distancing.

You can stay healthy and active by educating yourself about the safety measures from this deadly disease.

Wash Your Hands Regularly

A very healthy and simple habit, washing one’s hand kills the COVID – 19 viruses before it enters your body. You must clean your hands with soap or alcohol-based sanitizer to avoid any instance of the virus from infecting you for at least 20 seconds.

Besides, you even need to sanitize your home surface using disinfectant spray to kill the germs.

Maintain Social Distancing

One of the most practical and effective ways to stop the virus is to break the chain of COVID – 19 spread. Physical distancing comes to the rescue here; you must maintain a sufficient social distance from other fellow humans. It includes no handshaking, hugging, and any other type of greeting. The safe space is to maintain a distance of 3 feet or more from people.

Avoid Touching Your Face

Clean hands are good, but it does not guarantee the health of your internal systems. Hence, it is better that you avoid touching your face. To stay healthy, you must avoid touching your nose, eyes, and mouth. Rather make use of soft face tissues to clean and wipe your face. The simple explanation is that if you do not touch your face, you minimize your chances of contacting COVID – 19.

Use Your Elbows or Tissues while Coughing

If you cough in your hand, you must either regularly sanitize it or wash it; the easy trick is to avoid coughing in your palms. Coughing in your elbows will ensure that you do not spread the virus through your hands to other items, which can, in turn, infect other people.

Bust the Myths and Stop Spreading Misinformation

It is necessary to know what hygiene practices to follow; it is equally essential to know that spreading misinformation and believing in myths about the COVID – 19 is also a detrimental practice. Such irresponsible behaviour toward handling a pandemic might incite panic among fellow citizens. If you follow all the hygiene measures with the utmost care, then COVID – 19 will also become one of those diseases that is just present on the paper and not in real life.

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