How to Handle Self-Isolation Like A Pro?

Since the dawn of COVID, humans were advised to remain indoors and maintain social distancing whenever necessary. In a world where precaution is better than cure, self-isolation has become a regular practice to fight corona and stay safe. However, breaking the chain of transmission is not easy for us.

Humans are social animals who crave interaction and don’t do well alone. Over time, loneliness grips people’s hearts and minds, giving rise to mental illness and unhealthy daily habits. People can begin to feel anxious, depressed, sad, bored, and frustrated, affecting their overall well-being. 

Why is Self-Isolation Necessary?

The news of a contagious virus making people gravely sick broke to the world last year, and since then, more than 8 million cases have been reported worldwide. As the number of people falling ill due to this deadly virus kept rising, governments of several nations released a mandate to practice social distancing, avoid non-essential travel, and remain indoors. 

In such a situation, people had no choice but to stay alone in their house. 

However, living cooped in the home does not mean giving up on social life. If you ever feel like you’re traveling down a dark tunnel without a light at the end, don’t give up hope. There are several ways to come out of it.

Ways to Self-isolate Without Feeling Lonely

Take Out Time for Hobby

The time to complain about not being enough time is over. Self-isolation is the perfect time to indulge in a hobby that had taken a back seat due to your work and personal life. Be it your love for dancing or painting outdoor scenarios, your hobbies will not only keep you occupied but also help you cope up with living alone as it is necessary for your mental and physical health.

Organize Your Thoughts

In the COVID era, the majority of people are working from home. They are juggling household and office responsibilities together. But it may seem difficult if you’re the one doing everything. Eventually, body aches and tiredness will get to you, leaving you exhausted for the next day. The best way to fight exhaustion is to organize your daily activities and thoughts in a journal. Often, writing helps to keep track of work without getting lost on the way.

Eat Healthy

Right eating not only influences the physical area of the body, but it also impacts mental health. Oily, spicy, and fatty food are a big no-no during self-isolation as it leads to hormonal changes, affecting your mood. Rather, have fresh and seasonal fruits along with a protein-rich diet to maintain your body’s hormonal balance.

Meet Your Friends and Family

Technology has always taken the burnt of tearing up away from our close ones. But this time, technology will bring them closer. Use the video, audio, and party features of many mobile applications to talk to your friends and family members. Show them your new dance moves or ask them the recipe for a new dish.

Travel through the Screen

Travel is not likely to resume any soon, even if corona goes away; at least, international travel would take more time. But instead of getting sad about not travelling, you can open your mobile or laptop and explore the most dangerous and beautiful places on the Earth. Dive into the deepest parts of the ocean and float in the space virtually. All the while, you can share your past travel stories with your close ones. 

Soak up that Vitamin

You are missing vitamin ‘sea,’ but in reality, the most important vitamin that you’re missing is the ‘sun.’ The worst scenario of self-isolation is staying indoors for a greater number of hours and missing out on the vitamin D from the sun, which keeps your hair, skin, bones, and internal organs healthy and nourished. Soak in the sun for 30 minutes daily to avoid feeling soar in joints and other body parts.

An Engineer by education, and a writer by profession, Ritika lives her life in stories. Her never-ending love for narratives encouraged her to turn her passion into a profession. In more than 4 years of working as a content writer, she has contributed to building content for a reputed technology magazine and a few start-ups.

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