How To Keep a Positive Attitude Post Covid-19?

Fear is the thing residing in our minds. Covid-19 pandemic transitioned it into the depressed and insecure feelings hovering all over our surroundings. Yes, it is natural, as it has crippled us inside our homes and challenged us in ways we have never imagined. These changes made the entire world come to a complete standstill and continue. 

The main thing running in all minds is how human beings are losing their lives, livelihood, and mental and physical stability in the long run. Although there have been few silver linings around us, we still have a very long fight till we claim our normal lives back. 

The most critical thing in this situation of uncertainty is people are losing their mental health. Mental illness and depression are as serious as COVID-19. To an extent, it is possible to recover from economic issues, however, depression takes a long time to first get recognized and then heal. 

Although it is a hard and hopeless situation we all are in, there is always an end to the darkest and longest tunnel. All we have to do is stay together, hold on tight and hope for better and healthier times ahead. 

Meanwhile, knowing our every physical freedom is taken away, then we have to stick to our mental freedom, as it is the only access that cannot be taken away.

As Walt Whitman said, “Keep your face always towards the sunshine – and shadows will fall behind you.

So, now that we have two choices: to face problems with confidence or to face the problems with hopelessness. Only the particular individual has to think about which path they have to choose. If you are wondering how to choose the path with confidence, then here are eight simple ways to stay hopeful and in a better mental state. 


It is the best time to practice yoga, meditation, and exercises at home. This pandemic has taught us the importance of being healthy and staying fit. 

It’s like the universe is asking us to think about the healthy side of our body by giving us time to stay at home when we forget about it during our busy days. So why not use it. Post pandemic, you would have fallen to a routine, which will turn into a habit without any second thought. 

Restrict watching media:

The most important task is to restrict waiting media as it aggravates the negative thought and low energy conversation. There’s a heavy amount of fear circling at this moment as the second wave has hit hard, and it is exhausting. Instead, watch funny scenes to distract from your thoughts and relax. So, after the pandemic, you will feel happy that you have made memories with your family. 

Spread positivity to your friends and family:

Thinking that our contribution doesn’t have any impact is absurd. As we have seen that it caused this pandemic through a single contribution, we have to take responsibility for spreading positivity to our friends and families through social media quotes.

Financial Planning

After this pandemic, most of us would have suffered financial losses. So, it is the right time to plan your finances and bring in the line of difference between need and want. Focusing on saving will be the wisest thing for the future does not hold any promises. 

Another important aspect to look for is to start inventory control of ration. Make sure not to waste any meal or any raw item. Use it wisely. 

Analyze your inner self:

During the pandemic, we can take time out to analyze our SWOT: Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats. Take this time as an opportunity, and start rejuvenating yourself. Eliminate the unwanted things, and focus on the things that you wanted the most. 

This will make you a better person in society and people will start following your positivity and gradually you can change other characteristics. 

Focusing on Family relationships

During the pandemic, you would have got time to strengthen the bond between your spouse and kids. You would have learned a lot about their interests and dreams. You would have cooked, read, played, counseled, guided, traveled with them. 

Try to extend this post-Covid as it brings immense satisfaction to see your family happy. Previously, you would have not got time to focus on the relationship. But now, after spending ample time with them, you would think about improving your kid’s and spouse’s skills and interests. This will bond a healthy family. 

Reconcile old relationship:

After facing the do or die situation we would have undoubtedly thought about our old friends, family members, ex-colleagues, whom we would have fought for silly reasons, which doesn’t hold any values now. So, post-pandemic makes it your goal to reconcile your old relationship and make them enter your life again as we don’t know when our day ends. This will make you feel happy after you have kindled your relationship with them. 

Learn something new:

Try to learn something new during the pandemic as post-pandemic it will be useful for your future. Also, try making a to-do list in the pandemic time so that after this phase you can start making memories for yourself. Think about helping others in their need, which will give a purpose and overwhelming feelings in your life.

Remember the hardships you have faced during the quarantine and be happy that you are lucky enough to survive this phase. Let’s break this pessimistic thought during the pandemic and come out fresh post-pandemic. 

I have chosen the path shown by Matthew Quick in the bookSilver Linings Playbook”, where he offers advice “I don’t want to stay in the bad place, where no one believes in silver linings or love or happy endings.”

What about you?

I, Priya Nagarajan, is a past Assistant Professor, mentor, tutor, counselor. Writing has always been a passion of mine and so changed my path to my passion. I believe language is the best way to convey your thoughts and dreams to get the results. I believe it takes a personal approach to reach individual success. I write with a flair for creativity and a keen eye for the professional.

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