Key Differences Between Information Security and Cyber Security

In digital security, cybersecurity and information security are two different terms confused to mean the same thing. Often, professionals use ‘cybersecurity’ to mention their approach towards data safeguard and ‘information security’ to discuss their viewpoints on guarding confidential company information. Such a discussion on cybersecurity vs. information security topics has grabbed headlines for ages in this digital era. While a few people keep using these two terms as generic, others prefer to acknowledge the difference between these two security domains. 

This article will explain the differences between information security and cybersecurity and also discuss information security vs. cybersecurity functions for your understanding.

Cyber Security

For many, the terms ‘data’ and ‘information’ are interchangeable. However, scientifically, data, and information are not similar. Simply put, information is processed data that makes sense to data scientists and other engineers and coders. Cybersecurity involves data protection, such as employee data, client agreements, company information (funding, ROI, and the core code layer of their platform or service). Even resources like patents, new service developments, and system updates are kept away from attackers’ reach by deploying cybersecurity. As a cybersecurity engineer, your work would include monitoring the company’s computer and other electronic systems, along with protecting sensitive and confidential data.

Information Security

The next step in talking about information security vs. cybersecurity is to know about the former. Information security pertains to protecting meaningful data from unauthorized access by focusing on three aspects of information: availability, integrity, and confidentiality.

Availability: The information must be available for access by the company employee and users anywhere and anytime

Integrity: The information must be protected from any kind of unauthorized modification and deletion along with ensuring that data remain original and non-duplicated

Confidentiality: The information must be kept only within reach of authorized employees or company users

An information security engineer’s real function in an organization is to ensure that the availability, integrity, and confidentiality of information are followed as per the company’s standards.

Key Differences Between Cyber Security and Information Security

Many engineers prefer to discuss the information security vs. cybersecurity topic when choosing them as a professional career. And why shouldn’t they? If you’re going to start your career as an information security engineer or cybersecurity engineer, you must know about these differences.


As mentioned earlier, cybersecurity pertains to protecting data and company resources, technologies, networks, and storage units. In contrast, information security refers to safeguarding all the information of an organization based on its confidentiality, integrity, and availability.


Another difference between information security and cybersecurity is in their process. Within cybersecurity, an engineer has to detect and prevent all unauthorized cyber access. On the other hand, in information security, the engineer has to deal specifically with systems and networks that store and transfer information.


In terms of domain, information security vs. cybersecurity takes the definition a bit further.

Cybersecurity protects the entire cyber realm of an enterprise, such as data, information, or devices and technologies, whereas information security protects digital and analog data forms, regardless of the realm.

For example, safeguarding social media profiles and personal information comes under the cyber realm and safeguarding information assets in terms of availability and integrity confidentiality.


In the cybersecurity realm, engineers deal with cybercrimes, cyber frauds, and law enforcement, whereas in the information security realm, engineers deal with information modification and disruption, and unauthorized access.


By now, you would have understood what work would fall under the category of a cybersecurity engineer and what would fall under the category of an information security engineer. Anything and everything lurking in cyberspace are for a cybersecurity engineer to take care of. Everything related to information protection is for an information security engineer to take care of.

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