Top Technology Trends that are Making the Rounds in UAE

A few of us recollect what it seemed like to hold a cell phone unexpectedly, even better the sound of the connection with an Internet modem, the sensations of being astounded by something you never thought could occur in your living days. 

We live today in an ever-increasing number of encounters and investigations. Some of them are things we have viewed in a sci-fi film a couple of years back; some others are not even ideas or cycles we thought would exist. 

The needs of mankind have become unique, from basic to complex, and innovations have been developing following those necessities. 

We can undoubtedly discuss many new advancements made in the previous years, but let’s look at the most important technology trends and their impact on businesses. 

Today, we can nearly interface everything to the web. Internet was made to interface work areas and complete work on PCs. All the advantages of the internet we know today were unrealistic previously. The fact is that associating things to the internet yields many astounding advantages. We’ve all observed these advantages with our cell phones, workstations, and tablets, yet this is valid for everything else as well.

The Internet of Things (IoT)

IoT is quite simple in terms of what it means, taking all the electronics items and connecting them. For your clarification, it is essential to understand all the benefits of connecting electronics to the internet server. After all, why is there a need to connect everything to the internet?

The answer lies in three categories of electronics items:

• Things that collect information and send it further

• Things that receive information and process it

• Things that do both the actions

We are simply talking about collecting data of different kinds, from weather updates to population statistics or business sales. Furthermore, IoT works in real-time, drives the data to its right place, and acts on it if data processing requirement arises.

Hence, today, only well-connected businesses are successful in taking full advantage of the collected data.

Artificial Intelligence

A much-related emerging technology to IoT is artificial intelligence. Artificial Intelligence. Computerized reasoning began in 1956; however, AI has become more mainstream today because of expanded information volumes, progressed calculations, and enhancements in registering force and capacity. Man-made intelligence has significantly affected businesses; it has improved the robotization of industrial facilities. 

AI has profoundly received and consolidated presence in modern ventures and associations as they support complex tasks, which at the hand of manual labor could result in faults and raised operational expenses. 

 It likewise dispensed the need for humans to perform monotonous errands, permitting them to perform undertakings in which they dominate, including their innovativeness and relational abilities. 

We should take the case of the financial area that has and will be seeing a significant advancement because of the utilization of AI. Monetary organizations today are seen exploiting this innovation to make banking speedier and boundlessly simpler for the purchasers. This has gone far in assisting monetary investigators with getting relief from the dreary idea of their positions and spotlight on more profound examination and examination of all-around buyer experience. 

Artificial intelligence can, without a doubt, be known as the ideal blend of inventiveness and innovation. Man-made consciousness is only an automated machine that can think astutely and innovatively, just as interpret these contemplations independently in fluctuated human applications. This basic premise of Artificial Intelligence is the thing that has and can change the essence of humankind. Simulated intelligence isn’t simply a unidimensional innovation. 

Its advantages and applications are more significant and important than their worries, and this is what unequivocally helps people later on. 


A significant part of AI is today known as Robotics. 

Advanced mechanics is the field of software engineering a lot worried about making robots, gadgets that can move and respond to tactile information. Robots are presently generally utilized in industrial facilities to perform high-exactness occupations, for example, welding and riveting. They are also utilized in uncommon circumstances that would be hazardous for people, such as cleaning harmful chemical materials or defusing bombs. Advanced mechanics innovation is affecting each part of work and home. Mechanical technology can change lives and work rehearses, raise proficiency and well-being levels, and improve administration degrees. Much more, advanced mechanics is set to turn into the driving innovation supporting a different age of self-ruling gadgets and psychological antiquities that, through their learning capacities, interface consistently with their general surroundings, and consequently, give the missing connection between the computerized and actual world.


Blockchain upheaval is, by all accounts is going all out. A blockchain can be portrayed as an affix just exchange record, which is composed onto with new data. However, the past data put away in squares can’t be altered or changed. This is developed by utilizing cryptography to interface the recently added block’s substance with each square before it. To such an extent, any change to the substance of a past square in the chain would refute the information in all squares after it. 

Blockchains are agreement driven. An enormous number of PCs are associated with the organization, and to decrease the capacity for an assailant to noxiously include exchanges the organization, those adding to the blockchain must contend with fathoming numerical evidence. The outcomes are imparted to all different PCs in the organization. The PCs, or hubs, associated with this organization must concur on the arrangement, henceforth the expression “agreement.” 

Furthermore, this smoothed out productivity gives straightforwardness, unwavering quality, and credibility. Also, we should not disregard security. Since information is shared on different frameworks in various nations — and approved before it’s recorded — it’s safer. Every information block is scrambled and connected to the one preceding it. 

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality is the utilization of computer technological innovation to establish a reproduced environment. In contrast to UIs, VR places the users inside an encounter, where they are inundated and made to associate with 3D universes. By recreating several faculties as could reasonably be expected, such as vision, hearing, contact, and even smell. 

Expanded reality (AR) is a kind of intuitive, reality-based presentation climate that takes the abilities of a PC created show, sound, text, and impacts to upgrade the client’s true insight. Enlarged reality joins genuine and PC-based scenes and pictures to convey a bound together, however, improved perspective on the world. Quickly, AR lets the client experience this present reality, which has been carefully enlarged or upgraded somehow or another. VR, then again, eliminates the client from that certifiable experience, supplanting it with a recreated one. Since VR requires total inundation, VR gadgets shut out the actual world. The focal points on the keen glasses that convey AR capacities, then again, are straightforward. 

VR and AR are changing the Training and Education area, Medicine and medical procedure, the engineering, retails, Industrial field administrations, plan and displaying, and numerous different areas. 

Anosua Chakraborty
A writer and a life-long learner are what describe Anosua the best. She holds immense educational experience with her Mass Communication (M.A) degree and ongoing PhD in Media & Communication. Professionally, Anosua has 5 years of experience in curating and strategizing corporate and academic content, which is the result of her passion for writing and creativity. Her expertise as a writer includes copywriting, content designing, content strategy, and developing e-learning modules & course curriculum.

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