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As your company grows, new difficulties emerge, such as managing processes and data, labour optimization, and so on. Managing human capital becomes more difficult as the number of employees grows, from recruiting, training, and payroll automation to regulatory compliance. Furthermore, your personal information could be exposed in a variety of places.

More than accounting software, HR management software is gaining traction across businesses and continents. In the 1980s and 1990s, accounting tools were replaced by HR software. There were so many documents building up and taking up space that tracing them was a major undertaking. Then came accounting software, which revolutionized the industry and simplified the process for everyone. Computerized automation has come a long way since its inception, and there is now software for practically every business function.

HR management is a complex system that requires special attention, and the usage of HR software is critical. Dubai has experienced extraordinary growth among the cities of the United Arab Emirates over the years. Several industries have flourished and expanded their wings with a large workforce. So the Human Resource experts here are among the busiest, and they’ve been using a few HR management software packages that are both dynamic and feature-rich, so here are the most popular.

Azdan HR & Payroll

Azdan Human Capital Management Solution is a cloud-based, all-in-one solution that integrates all areas of HR, payroll, and talent management. Azdan is a leading HR and payroll software that assists businesses in transforming the employee experience, streamlining recruitment and onboarding, controlling human resource costs, anticipating workforce needs, measuring employee performance, and reducing high-performer attrition.


Beneple is an online HR software that provides a one-stop-shop for SMEs. Employees can use their online profiles to submit leave requests, request documentation such as salary certificates, and make cost reports. Employees can use their online profiles to submit leave requests, request documentation such as salary certificates, and make cost reports.

Gulf HR

GulfHR is a cloud-based, modular HR application. Current financial and accounting systems, as well as time and attendance tracking devices, can be linked with the solution. It complies with ISO standards. Employee self-service, payroll, HR & admin, training and development, leave & absence, and dashboards are the core features.

HITS HR & Payroll

HR foundation, payroll automation, benefits management, vacation management, time management, training management, performance management, recruitment, and dashboards are just a few of the modules and features available in HITS HR & Payroll packages.


MenaITech has pioneered the development of HCIS and HR management systems for corporate and public-sector clients in a wide range of industries and sizes. The MenaME self-service module helps their clients boost efficiency and accessibility.


Performly is a cloud-based software that focuses on Organizational Performance, HR Self-Service workflow, Payroll, and Internal Communication. The subscription is suitable for people on a tight budget. Attendance, admin reports, vacation, recruitment, and appointments are just a few of the modules included.

Web HR

WebHR is a social HR software for SMEs that is hosted in the cloud. For the first 05 employees, it’s free, and after that, it’s only $ 1.0 per employee each month. All responsibilities of the Human Resource Department, including recruitment, staff administration, payroll, performance, and training, are made easier with WebHR. In reality, WebHR may be used to make the HR department’s daily work easier.

Zen HR

ZenHR is a Middle East-specific cloud-based human resource management system. It has a user interface that is bilingual (English and Arabic) and a mobile app. ZenHR is a part of a larger HR value chain that includes Cavall, Career Connect, and Testello, amongst others.

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