Harness the Magical Mantra of Lead Nurturing: Convert Your Leads into Customers!

Are you battling to hold on to your well-deserved leads? Lead Nurturing can act as the hero in the event if you do it right. Lead Nurturing is a cycle that can possibly transform your leads into clients by building a relationship with them who are not prepared to purchase yet. The progression from strangers to prospects to customers – is the cycle of lead nurturing. 

When you have leads in your pipeline, how would you support them? In this blog, we will reveal to you how you can saddle the intensity of lead supporting the correct way. Here’s the appropriate answer! Backing your lead supporting system with top-notch content. In the event that you think content is blurring ceaselessly, at that point, you have to reconsider. Content is as yet the King, and that is the reason it is imperative to implement the right content at the right time when you comprehend where your leads are in the purchasing cycle. 

Different types of content will support different kinds of leads for you in various phases of the selling cycle. Comprehend what data your prospects are searching for and produce email content that would address your crowd. Here is how we have been planning our lead nurturing content marketing strategy, depending on the position of leads at each phase of the funnel. You can consider these parameters as you plan your content strategy to sustain leads. 

Top of the Funnel (TOFU) – New Lead Engagement 

How would you connect with another lead that has enquired and filled out a form? 

a) Send them an individual email expressing gratitude toward them for the request, educate them about your product, services, and brand. Furnish them with the correct suggestions to take action. 

b) Send them a series of emails throughout some period of time that provides logical information related to your product (with downloadable records, if necessary). 

With an extremely long deals cycle, you may need to consider a lead nurturing procedure that certainly includes sending contextual content pieces that add value for your prospects and keeps you on top of their minds. These are the kinds of content pieces that you should zero in on: 

• Blogs 

• Videos 

• Infographics 

• Webinars 

• Whitepapers 

Middle of the Funnel (MOFU) Content Engagement 

When you realize that your prospects have entered the center of the business funnel, you have to teach them more. Keep in contact as they are thinking about your competitors also. In the event that they need more product details, give them all the data they need and handle typical sales objections. At this stage, you can create content in the following structure: 

• Datasheets

• Case contemplates 

• More in-depth whitepapers 

• Competitive Evaluation 

Keep this maxim in your brain, “You have to convince and convert.” 

Bottom of the Funnel (BOFU) Content Engagement 

Your prospects have arrived at the lower part of the funnel and are prepared to transform into clients. What would it be a good idea for you to do now? Indeed, welcome on more content! Try not to quit drawing in with them. Cause them to understand that your contribution is the correct decision and set up that position. Incorporate content pieces like: 

• Recent press releases and news coverage

• Industry reports that feature your expertise

• Video testimonials of clients who have already purchased your product 

• The best content from your social media posts that got the maximum engagement

While creating the lead nurturing content, it is imperative to chalk out the next stages for your prospects. When you know about mapping content for your different lead nurturing campaigns, it turns out to be easy to make a few changes in your messages, email sending frequency, and calls-to-action based on feedback. 

So, start a newsletter today and continue refreshing your rundown as new leads continue coming in. Set up rules in your automated CRM system for leads in various stages of the purchasing cycle. 

Keep in mind! During this whole lead nurturing cycle, you have to have persistence. Your prospects will take some time to say ‘Yes’ to your proposal. Harp on the magical weapon of ‘Content Marketing’ to consistently add value while they are on the lookout for other competitors, gauging alternatives, and looking at financial aspects. Calling frequently isn’t an alternative. You can’t keep saying, “Purchase, purchase, and purchase!” Instead, continue offering quality content and perceive how your leads get changed over into deals. 

Takeaway: Create the perfect content, run a decent lead nurturing program, and see leads convert into your customers.

Anosua Chakraborty
A writer and a life-long learner are what describe Anosua the best. She holds immense educational experience with her Mass Communication (M.A) degree and ongoing PhD in Media & Communication. Professionally, Anosua has 5 years of experience in curating and strategizing corporate and academic content, which is the result of her passion for writing and creativity. Her expertise as a writer includes copywriting, content designing, content strategy, and developing e-learning modules & course curriculum.

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