Title – How About A Sin Tonight?

Author – Novoneel Chakraborty

Publisher – Random House India

A journey of human relationships and life, “How About a Sin Tonight” invites us to have a glimpse of the glamour world intrigued with love, fantasy, betrayal, jealousy, and ambition.

“From the most beautiful place in their souls to the most confusing portion of their hearts and the dirtiest corners of their minds….Love took them everywhere.” The attractive black and red blurb, the inquisitive title, and the glimmering cover appeals to the eye and would lure anybody to pick up this book.

The story revolves around five characters who set the cruise of their life into the enthralling world of Bollywood. All their lives are interwoven, and the book is divided into five sections-Shahraan, the living legend of the Bollywood industry who laments his lost love; Neev and Reva-struggling actors who stepped into an unknown city and has no connections in Bollywood; Nishani-the diva who promises to avenge her father’s death and Kash-the sensation, the fifth part depicts the single incident which connects all the characters. All these actors have an allied goal of making their mark in the Hindi film industry.

Reva and Neel began their struggle together to emerge as upcoming stars in the film industry. Their interaction with one another kindled the seeds of love in their hearts, and they started living together. Incidentally, Reva’s encounter with Shahraan opened new doors for her, and she left Neel for her shot at stardom. Kaash secretly admired and loved Nishani ever since they were childhood friends, but as Kaash’s family moved suddenly, they lost contact with each other. Time and chance bestowed/daunted upon and Kaash managed to bag a role in a low budget movie that went on to do really well at the box office. Later, he even happened to bump into Nishani at a Bollywood party. Nishaani was the daughter of Shekhar Rai, the superstar who has slipped out of everyone’s mind. During a shooting with the then-newcomer Shahraan, an accident left him paralyzed both emotionally and physically. This incident left a scar in Nishaani’s mind, and since then, she vowed to take revenge and shatter Shahraan, who held him responsible for her celebrity father’s death. During his struggle to create a niche in the world of Bollywood, Shahraan chanced upon Mehfil, a prostitute. As their story takes center stage, the hungry media gets something in their kitty to last a lifetime. The memories of his first and unsuccessful love, Mehfil, still haunted him.

All these characters intrigue, captivate, and makes one ponder about their past. The plot gets better and would make the readers curious about knowing the characters more and more. Continuing with the journey of knowing and finding their past, present, and future, one would simply feel like living their lives, at least it happened in my case. All the characters in the book carry a sense of reality and convenience for the readers to find glimpses of “you” in them. The story starts well, and the author gives each character comparatively better treatment. The author deeply reflects on the concept of love and relationship. The letters that Kaash writes (but never posts) are nice and interesting. The book is fast-paced and has one completely absorbed. The use of one-liners and narration throughout the story is fantastic. Nishaani is a character that is definitely going to leave a lasting impression in any reader’s mind, and it is one of the best characters.

Novoneel Chakraborty, throughout the entire story, has neatly woven the emotions of anger, joy, surprise, and passion, which would compel the reader to connect to his own self. The film industry is a favorite to everyone, and therefore any reader would be appealed by the charisma that has trapped the lives of the five protagonists. The book is basically an emotional thriller and will keep you inquisitive till you reach the final plot. The author’s adroit attempt of merging all the characters, in the end, is highly commendable. He has written the story with a great sense of maturity, and the language, dialogue, and phrases used are excellent. Some of my personal favorites are: –

  1. When a man is desperate, he injures others. When a woman is desperate, she hurts herself the most.
  2. “Can I drop you somewhere in my Tavera? ‘My Enfield will feel bad if I don’t ride it back home.’ ‘You ride an Enfield? That’s so macho!’ ‘Only a real woman rides a macho,’ she winked and drove off.
  3. When a wife sleeps with another man, she is a whore. But when a whore decides to sleep with only one man for the rest of her life, she still remains a whore.
  4. “As I write this one, it struck me why the sun doesn’t come an inch closer to earth? Since it knows one step forward, and it will burn the earth beyond repair and recognition. So sometimes distance is what is necessary to keep a relationship, a relationship”.

Personally, when I was concentrating on the book, I could visualize the dark lanes of Bollywood, which is a dreamland to many. Needless to say, mind-blowing work by the author after his two previous bestselling novels, ”A THING BEYOND FOREVER” and “THAT KISS IN THE RAIN,” which has already won the heart of many—speckled with some thought-provoking quotations, “HOW ABOUT A SIN TONIGHT” is a must-read for all the book lovers who prefers light reading. If reading “How about a sin tonight” is a “sin” worth it, then I have made the right choice. 

Anosua Chakraborty
A writer and a life-long learner are what describe Anosua the best. She holds immense educational experience with her Mass Communication (M.A) degree and ongoing PhD in Media & Communication. Professionally, Anosua has 5 years of experience in curating and strategizing corporate and academic content, which is the result of her passion for writing and creativity. Her expertise as a writer includes copywriting, content designing, content strategy, and developing e-learning modules & course curriculum.

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