Reanalyzing next-generation climate action with a carbon-free future: Saudi Arabia’s revolutionary vision

The Line is an energy-efficient, green hydrogen, wind, sunlight set, an irreducible city that is in 170 km symmetrical line, to put back oil as an origin of energy by NEOM development, that is near the Red Sea so that it opts for “redefine and bolster” the subsequent suburban living. 

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Although the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, has a bounty of oil, it is assured the current government in Riyadh that trading oil and availing the revenues to bolt the country will not pursue forever.

That’s why the Kingdom has sped up non-oil revenues, reinstated fuel cars with electric ones, and spawn electricity from atomic reactors or wind generators that are exceptional mechanisms for modification. But the Kingdom needs to generate something revolutionary and workable for future generations to come. It can be an up-to-date replica of suburban life that cannot be seen anywhere in the world. 

This is where “The Line” comes into the picture. They base it on the Kingdom’s Neom’s development, as it will be a $5bn revolutionary megacity near the Red Sea. The structure is part of Saudi Arabia’s 2030 scheme to develop and expand its management and move away from dependency on oil. 

It is ‘contrivance’, the invincible power that is grabbing the Kingdom to the subsequent level of growth and expansion. NEOM & its first diaspora, The Line is the creation of Mohammed bin Salman, Saudi’s Crown Prince. 

Cities in the Desert:

Let’s imagine a city free from streets, cars, or trains and in explicit bond with nature. 

Although it seems implausible, our imagination decamps past restrictions. It has to be noted that the combined effect of NEOM and The Line are provoking the unachievable to brick the way to construct the world’s most ingenious cities amid the deserts and mountains. 

The Line will be the first-ever development in 150 years that a significant urban project has been sketched around people, and not roads with all specifications of daily services.

This massive city comprises linked communities, called city modules. They are called alternatively unconventional cities. It differs totally from anything that took place. It will electrify these cognitive cities with renewable energy. It is just 5 minutes accessible on foot for all services, workplaces, shopping, and recreation facilities. 

Values transit and self-governed mobility services will make the travel tranquil, connecting the communities and the residents the moment that recoups their time to spend on health and comfort. We contemplate it will prolong no journey for over 20 minutes. They are erecting a dream, anything unrivaled in the entire world. 

Cognitive Cities:

A cognitive city means a fully computerized city that assists the aid of the day-to-day process without human trespassing.

Cognitive cities make up the evolution of smart cities with a more state-of-art use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and robots. They carried these smart cities out on precise missions and generate reports for human users to take the correct option. Cognitive cities play a major role in machine learning and can learn from their previous encounters, construct and older data compiled with the progress of time, and in due course take resolution in favor of humans. 

We expect the Line to handle diversity and targets to provide 380,000 jobs in the future and $48bn in local GDP by 2030. 

Renewable Energy:

Is it possible for water to be the main source of energy? 

By all means, in NEOM, and The Line, water will be an exceptionally crucial source. It will remove the process of hydrogen from water through electrolysis, and using electricity to break water into hydrogen and oxygen. The outcome of the breaking process of hydrogen can be used individually. When the hydrogen cell merges with oxygen and hydrogen, it produces electricity and water.

Recently, NEOM established a $5bn joint collaboration with an American firm, Air Products, and a Saudi company, ACFWA Power, to generate green hydrogen in a proposal to grow a carbon-positive society that will be a flare for workable living. This plant will generate power by wind and sunlight. 

The plan is to distill water by using a solar arch. This process will make sure that a continuous supply of pure water will be supplied without even flaming a single drum of oil. The building is under construction at a fast pace and they expected that the solar dome will be effective in a few years from now. 

Although the power of contrivance is expected to be overdue in the creative megaprojects of the Kingdom, one positive aspect of this project is the government need not wait for long until the entire Kingdom gains the produce of this revolutionary investment. This project will be a future hub for visionaries where entrepreneurs, business leaders, and establishments can experiment, brood, advertise new technologies and ventures. 

I, Priya Nagarajan, is a past Assistant Professor, mentor, tutor, counselor. Writing has always been a passion of mine and so changed my path to my passion. I believe language is the best way to convey your thoughts and dreams to get the results. I believe it takes a personal approach to reach individual success. I write with a flair for creativity and a keen eye for the professional.

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