Scalp Aging: The Biggest Enemy of Healthy Hair

What’s a nightmare? For some it is a bad dream; for others, it is seeing their beloved hair on pillowcases and all the furniture in the house. Irrespective of gender, losing hair is undoubtedly an experience that can be equated to a nightmare. But isn’t hair fall natural? In some cases, yes. But when you begin to lose a bunch of hair every day and find it in the weirdest of places in the house, it is far from normal. Besides losing hair, premature hair greying is yet another cause for you to look into healthy hair and scalp tips. One reason for such excessive hair fall and greying could be scalp aging. Similar to the skin and body aging process, the scalp ages too, which could lead to hair loss and greying of hair.

What is Scalp Aging?

It is exactly as it sounds. Scalp aging is the process of the scalp getting older, thereby losing its elasticity and becoming thinner to grow and hold healthy hair. Scalp, generally, ages faster than the rest of the body and skin, making it difficult for people to experience healthy hair growth throughout their life. The aging process of the scalp reduces the hair follicles number, which results in hair thinning and sometimes balding.

On average, hair grows roughly 1.25 to 2 cm per month. But this pattern changes when the scalp begins to age; the hair growth slows down to almost 80 percent, growing only 0.25 to 0.5 cm per month.

Causes of Scalp Aging

  • A decrease in the level of collagen present in the body
  • Insufficient supply of necessary vitamins and minerals to the body
  • Irregular and poor blood circulation to the scalp and head
  • Illness or disease, affecting scalp and hair growth, such as Cancer and PCOS
  • Kidney and liver-related health problems
  • Irregular washing and oiling of hair leading to dandruff or unhealthy scalp

Although no one can delay scalp aging, proper care taken at the right time and with the right guidance can help keep it healthy. 

Effects of Scalp Aging

  • Premature greying
  • Hair thinning and split ends
  • Excessive hair loss and pattern baldness
  • Reduced hair growth per month or over a long period

Delaying and Preventing Hair Greying and Hair Loss

  • Organic essential oils: Our grandparents always told us to oil our hair regularly; it is essential to maintain silky, smooth hair. Even today, essential ayurvedic oils along with coconut oil and amla oil prove useful in nourishing the hair and delaying hair loss and greying of hair.
  • Vitamins: Usually, hair loss and greying of hair occur due to an unhealthy diet and vitamin deficiency. Such issues in food can lead to hair thinning, loss, and greying. Multivitamin supplements are a huge help here. Supplement that contains several minerals, amino acids, and biotin help control hair and scalp related issues.
  • Ayurvedic Herbs and Mixes: Ayurvedic medicines are the best remedy to prevent hair loss and greying of hair without side effects. These organic herbs provide the necessary care to the scalp and hair, improving their health, volume, and length.
  • Regular Shampooing and Oiling: An unclean scalp age faster. The easiest way to delay scalp aging and prevent hair thinning is to regularly shampoo your hair (twice a week or every alternate day) with mild organic shampoo. Furthermore, don’t forget to apply loads of oil to your hair two hours before shampooing. 
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