Brief on How to Get Jobs in the Gulf from India

Do you know that an estimated 8 million to 10 million Indians work and live in Gulf countries? Ever since the Middle East nations and India formed a diplomatic and cordial relationship based on several agreements and high-profile visits, India expatriates have been visiting gulf nations in search of better life and money. The oil boom has immensely helped the Middle Eastern nations welcome many such workers worldwide, but Indians still make up for the gulf’s largest immigrant group.

However, even with such a huge number, there is still limited or no knowledge about getting Indians getting white-collar or blue-collar jobs in the gulf. While many spend months searching for a job that matches their qualifications and skill, others simply take up blue-collar opportunities to finally move to Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, or any other Middle Eastern country. In this post, we cover a majority of queries that people come across when searching for a job of their liking in any of the Gulf nations.

Requirements for Gulf Jobs:

For White Collar Jobs: There are comparatively fewer white-collar Indians working in Gulf nations. Of the total of 10 million workers, nearly 30% (or even less) are employed in white-collar, with most of them hailing from South India, especially Kerala. For men, the jobs are in construction, management, finance, banking, oil, and health; Women are mostly employed as nurses or in the hospitality field, although their number in the construction is going up.

For Blue Collar Jobs: A majority of the population working and living in Middle Eastern nations are employed in blue-collar jobs. With nearly 70% of immigrants working as blue-collar workers, there are clear and concise data on different websites. Most of these immigrants are from North India, mainly from UP, Bihar, Punjab, and Rajasthan.

Decide on the Country You Wish to Work In

Before you decide to send your CV and passport, you would first need to decide on the country of work. On the one hand, some prefer to choose the country that matches their expectations; on the other hand; others go with a good package and company. Both are acceptable if it matches your wish.

We would suggest you go with the package and company information rather than the country as they matter the most. Make a list of the jobs you are comfortable doing, match your skill set and qualifications, and read the next step to understand how you can search for such opportunities.

Search for Gulf Job Openings

Now that you know the work options you are looking for, the next step is to search for companies in gulf hiring for those positions. Most people look for jobs in Dubai or Saudi Arabia, but they lack a general understanding of applying for those opportunities. There are several ways to search for jobs in the gulf:

Browse the internet for gulf job postings (Naukri Gulf, Gulf Talent, Gulf Walkin, Gulf Job Careers)

Several Indian-based job portals, such as Monster India, Placement India, and TimesJob also provide information about Gulf job openings

Contact your peers and family members who are already working in one of the Gulf nations and ask for a reference

Among all these, the most effective way to gather Gulf job details is through Abroad Assignment Classifieds Times Newspaper and PDF, which lists several job options in gulf along with the contact details of recruiting consulting agencies

Approach Reputed National Consultancies

Several reputed national consulting agencies distribute Gulf job requirements in Abroad Assignment Classifieds along with their contact details. You can keep a regular eye on these papers and revert to the agency if any work matches your qualification and skill set. It is also a good source of both white and blue-collar job options. Here are a few recruiting consultancies you can approach for Gulf jobs in Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, and more.

  • Asia Power Overseas Recruitment Services
  • Ambe International
  • Alliance Recruitment Agency
  • Bright International
  • Prudential Travel Pvt. Ltd.
  • Ambe Consultancy Services Pvt. Ltd.
  • AM Overseas Man Power Consultants
  • HR International
  • Gulf Manpower Consultants
  • Anuptech Technical & Trade Institute
  • Overseas Construction Company
  • SABINA Travels
  • Seagull International
  • Gulf International

Almost all the agencies listed here are situated in Mumbai. You can either find their contact details in Abroad Assignment Classifieds or search on the internet. Besides these, many other gulf jobs are recruiting consulting agencies in Mumbai, Delhi, Kerala, and other locations that offer job details.

Submit Your CV and Cover Letter

One way to receive active and open job opportunities is to closely follow the Abroad Assignment Classifieds and contact the consulting agency. They will guide you every step, including the documents required, employer details, interview scheduling, and final offer letter and visa procedure. Another way is to approach the recruiting consulting directly and submit your educational and professional experience details along with resume/CV. Submit passport as well if they request. These agencies will contact you if they find any job position suitable to your skillset and profile.

The interview scheduling part and the end procedure of visa is taken care of by the agency with your help and information. However, you would need to fill out the necessary forms and pay the required amount of money for visa processing and other necessities.

Other Legal Documents

Besides the basic documents (CV, passport, age proof, identify proof), some Gulf nations also have a policy where expatriates are required to submit other legal documents. For Saudi Arabia and Dubai, medical reports are required to be submitted to the employer as per their government policy. For Kuwait, the employee is asked to fill out the Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) form.

Usually, the extra documents are mainly around medical and health certificates, police verification, and embassy-related documents from both the countries. If you are associated with a recruiting consulting agency for Gulf jobs, then they will guide you to get these certificates and documents in place.

Prepare for the Interview

If your details match the company requirement, you would be short-listed for the interview, and the consulting agency will contact you with all the information regarding the interview. Date, time, location, interview type (video or personal meeting) will be conveyed to you by the agency.

Interview preparation for jobs in Arab countries is the same as for any other interview. Go through the company website you are interviewing for and understand their work. Talk to people on LinkedIn and other professional networks who work in that company to better understand the questions you could get in the interview. Lastly, be honest during the Q&A session and show your enthusiasm to work with the brand. Note that the interview is face-to-face either on a video call or personal meeting.

One critical thing to note here is that white-collar job options are quite tough without prior gulf experience. Many of the advertisements for jobs are also for blue-collar. But you can always take up the job in blue-collar force and shift your company after gaining sufficient experience and skill in the company.

Selection Process

Your participation in the interview process ends here, and the company’s journey to assess you begin. After the interview is done, the enterprise would take its time to examine your skills and get back to the consulting agency playing the role of intermediator between the two. If you are selected, the agency will contact you and provide all the further procedure details. Usually, the step ahead is to fill out the visa application form, submit the required fee amount along with the asked documents, and wait for the processing to take its course.

These are the basic requirements to fill out the work visa application:

  • Invitation letter or Letter of Employment
  • Filled out Visa Application form
  • Original passport with validity of more than six months
  • Recent passport size photographs (as many as required)
  • Work Permit and Medical Screening documents
  • Application fee
  • Education and professional qualification certificates
  • Sponsoring company’s recognized trade license

In addition to these documents, GCC Approved Medical Centers Association (GAMCA) certification is also mandatory for some Arab nations for job purpose. As the name suggests, for those looking to go to Saudi Arabia, Oman, Bahrain, Kuwait, and Qatar (GCC countries), the GAMCA certificate is a must.

Accommodation, Food, and Basic Needs

Here’s good news for you; if you are hired before you land in the country, then the employer company (in more than 90% cases) takes care of the food, accommodation, transportation, and yearly visa renewal. All the charges associated with these factors are exclusive of the salary offered. For white-collar jobs, the hiring firm offers 35% of salary in addition to the salary for food, accommodation, and transportation.

An Engineer by education, and a writer by profession, Ritika lives her life in stories. Her never-ending love for narratives encouraged her to turn her passion into a profession. In more than 4 years of working as a content writer, she has contributed to building content for a reputed technology magazine and a few start-ups.

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