UAE tops Arab countries in Global Knowledge Index 2020

The United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and the Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Knowledge Foundation (MBRF) revealed the 2020 results of the Global Knowledge Index (GKI) at a gathering held in Dubai that was streamed all around the world.

What is the Global Knowledge Index?

The Global Knowledge Index (GKI), conveyed yearly since 2017, is a summary measure for following the data execution of countries at the level of seven areas, specifically pre-school guidance, particular and expert tutoring and getting ready, high-level training, investigation, improvement, and advancement, information and correspondences development, economy and the in a general engaging atmosphere. 

Global Knowledge Index indicates evaluating the multifaceted data information. The information is a fluid one, consistently associated with related thoughts, for instance, ‘data economy’ or ‘data society’. It is, furthermore, to a great extent, bound to a restricted arrangement that limits the fixation to guidance or advancement.

Given the assortments in its use and criticalness, the GKI intends to introduce a more systematic perception of data by isolating the thought into its constituent portions. This way, it sees the multidimensional thought of data systems in every single explicit condition and applications relating to financial and social structures. This allows a more critical and adept examination of data approaches practically identical to different territories. Moreover, it engages a coherent and evidence-based linkage among headway and data, in keeping up the possibility of human improvement as applied by UNDP similarly to the possibility of pragmatic progression agreed by world pioneers in 2015 in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. 

Covering 138 countries and 199 markers, the GKI gives a precise mechanical assembly to coordinating and enlightening policymakers, researchers, basic culture, and the private region to cooperate on different systems to develop data-based social requests platform data openings.

Global Knowledge Index 2020

“Throughout the years, the Global Knowledge Index has framed a viable instrument for nations to quantify information as a broad idea that unpredictably identifies with all parts of current human existence,” said MBRF’s CEO Jamal bin Huwaireb, focusing on the “conclusive job knowledge played, particularly after the COVID-19 pandemic, where the knowledge economy took into consideration supporting individuals’ occupations during violent occasions.” 

“The Index utilizes a participatory methodology executed by a multidisciplinary center group and warning board. It covers 138 nations utilizing 199 pointers, where 96 of them are unique from global sources and 103 created by specialists. It mulls over variables and areas that are frequently not completely thought to be in comparative endeavors,” clarified Dr. Hany Torky, Chief Technical Advisor of the UNDP Knowledge Project. 

The GKI 2020 aims to caution policymakers on circumstances and dangers across numerous controls, moving them to plan break-through strategies to accelerate knowledge and advance it as a primary part of building up a solid information economy. 

GKI 2020 uncovered Switzerland as the nation that held its primary position for the fourth year, trailed by the USA and Finland. On the other hand, Sweden and the Netherlands entered the world’s first five nations, positioned fourth and fifth respectively. 

The UAE retained its position in the world’s top 20, propelling three positions, placing 15 worldwide and first among the Arab states while holding its runner up universally fair and square of the economy for the fourth year.

The Kingdom has been ranked 42nd out of 138 nations in the Global Knowledge Index. The UN list estimates training, innovative work, and advancement around the globe. 

Saudi Education Minister Hamad Al-Sheik said that the ranking reflected significant advancement compared to the previous years, where the Kingdom had progressed 10 and 24 places, contrasted with its rankings in 2019 and 2018 separately. 

Al-Sheik stated: “The Kingdom has taken a quantum jump in this gauging index at the global level in seven areas, including pre-university education, specialized and vocational instruction and training, research improvement and development, data and interchanges innovation (ICT), economy and empowering conditions.” He added: “The Kingdom’s general record (50.9) is almost four points higher than the worldwide average, with a worldwide average of 46.7.” The minister underlined that the accomplishment came when education keeps on accomplishing worldwide progressed positions as per worldwide pointers. Thanks to the help that the Saudi leadership agrees to the education sector to accomplish worldwide authority. 

Al-Sheik said that the Kingdom scored 68.5 in the field of specialized and vocational education and preparing the record, while the worldwide average was 50.8. 

In the research and innovation list, it scored 29.7, while the global index averaged 26. The Kingdom’s list in the higher education outperformed the global file by one, scoring 41.3 against 40.3.

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