Meet Our Team

Pankaj Vashisth


Calm, composed, and the ‘glue’ of Captain’s Tale; Pankaj is everything and more. Having met the Founder in college back in 2014, Pankaj shared copious ideas with Shoaib. As years went by, with both of them pursuing Mechanical Engineering from PESIT, Bangalore, their bond only grew stronger. Their journey from bench mates/friends to business partners gave life to Captain’s Tale and its vision.

Pankaj leads the way with tremendous Sales & Marketing experience along with Business Development ethics for the company. His maneuver of bringing the right people together and handling exigent tasks with diligence and confidence is integral to the company’s establishment and success. Pankaj’s belief in integrity is evident through his ability to highlight his team’s accomplishments, encouraging them to work together to bring Captain’s Tale’s vision to fruition. Pankaj’s love for exploring places and fitness further indicates his easy-going and dedicated nature, which is reflected in his professional work.

Riya Gaur

Content Specialist/Strategist

As a writer, I turn the uninteresting and complex information into engaging and influential content. As a content strategist, I develop result-oriented content strategy across a project's life cycle that bridges the gap between objectives and achievements. Together, I offer a comprehensive content marketing package.

The thing which I love the most about my work is that the arena it covers is quite diverse. Right from creative pieces to professional copies for various spheres and niches, I indite it all!

I am an Engineering graduate and have worked with a couple of Software firms before footing myself as a professional freelance writer in 2015. Since then, I have not only honed my prowess as a writer, but also expanded my skill set so as to become a one-stop spot for my clients in the field of content marketing.

Get in touch to know more about what I can do for your brand. Feel free to say Hello at Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.