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In times of prominent ambiguity, motivating people have a crucial part to play in the compatibility of society. Yet this is another success story of renowned entrepreneur Dr. Sara Al Madani. 

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Born as a woman in the Gulf, breaking all the gender stereotypes, and steering gear in many successful businesses, several people regard Her Excellency, Dr. Sara Al Madani, as an ideal role model for many ambitious females in the region. Being in her 30s, she is still augmenting cord to her crossbow, embracing the domains like fashion, tech, social media, branding, and F & B.

Abrading many caps like Serial Entrepreneur, advocate for women, fashion designer, brand ambassador, social media personality, important board member of the UAE’s Ministry of Economy’s SME Council, and of the Sharjah Chamber of Commerce and Industry, she is inspiring many young ladies in the region to live the dreams of their life.

Her Journey:

Sara Al Madani started her trip as a blistering entrepreneur at the ripe age of 15. After starting her legendary fashion house Sara Al Madani Fashion Design (previously Rouge Couture), she was mostly self-taught aside from doing a few internships, set out to perfect and deliver the abaya a remodeling when it was yet plain and vague. She explained in an interview with Emirates Woman that she wanted to give more clarity, border to it, and it will boost the woman to be confident in her traditional attire without removing it. 

Al Madani was born to a Bahrani father and Emirati mother. She esteems her father for grafting her into a stringent work ethic, as that turned her into a yearning Sharjah girl. It was her father who taught her the ethics of working hard to pursue dreams, and that made her the person she is today. She is also a partner in Shabarbush, a Mamzar-based café that was named in association with London’s Shepherd’s Bush, that she opened with her friend Haleema Al Owais in 2016. She owns Social Fish, an innovative consultancy that guides various businesses and owners, and is associated with Hulatek, a Los Angeles-based technology, and manufacturing firm. The firm creates a large crew of apps, games, software, hardware, and robotics.

Besides, she featured along with her two friends Al Owais, behind the 12 Emirates desk calendar for 2018, which brings out 12 motivating Emirati women. And this hustler is working on a book that guides you to become an exceptional version of yourself, how to enhance you and your spirit.

With her various businesses fascinations, Al Madani has clearly experienced many important life lessons to part with, along with how she traded in her fashion house and faced many hardships. And she is persistently motivating younger generations by speaking about her accomplishments and experiences openly in universities, schools, and institutions. 

Because of His Highness Sheikh, Dr. Sultan Bin Mohammed Al Qassimi chose her tough grind and stunning entrepreneurial skills as a board member at Sharjah Chamber of Commerce and Industry, prevailing her as the youngest on the board. 

Sara Al Madani Achievements:

Other accolades that she is wearing are:

  • Board member at Sharjah Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • Board member at the shjSEEN Board of Trustees (Sharjah Chamber of Commerce and Industry)
  • Board member of the SME Projects and Enterprise Council (Ministry of Economy) Business
  • Founder & Owner of Rouge Couture, presently known as Sara Al Madani Fashion Design (found in 2002)
  • Owner/Partner in Shabarbush restaurant. (Found in 2016)
  • Owner of Social Fish Innovative Idea Consultancy
  • Hulatek (Los Angeles based technology company)
  • Recent Awards: 2011–SME stars of business awards
  • Emirati entrepreneur of the year award 2012 -L’Officiel Arab Woman Awards
  • Junior designer of the year award 2012–Emirates Woman Award
  • Appreciation Award for being innovative in the fashion industry 2013- Emirates Woman Award
  • Best strategic and financial planning award 2018- Ecosystem Influencer of the Year Award 2018
  • GCC Inspiring Women Leaders Award

One thing that she is clear about is that a woman who needs or wants has to be empowered. She is angry that they consider women being weak while in reality; they aren’t weak and also states that women don’t need empowerment.

Her busy 2020:

Al Madani had enough ideas to keep her busy during the lockdown. In the later months of 2020, she had beforehand to start three new companies. Amidst them are her meal prep company Fitbar and HalaHi, a firm that agrees on celebrities to send private video messages to fans- and they receive for it something about $50 and $200 a pop. 

Speaking about its Al Madani reveals it is an organic and fun way to attract its viewers. It will establish a link among the people with their heroes and models. Alternatively, it also helps the heroes to be realistic and associate with their fans, and to generate revenue to make money. 

The third company hopes to dwell on disputes that she faces with the influencers in the region. 

Al Madani is her own role model, who never quits, takes criticism and failure as a lesson, and she was always there for her all the time.

Her motivation would be “Free yourself from the stereotypes, the only chain you to the ground. Just keep going.”

I, Priya Nagarajan, is a past Assistant Professor, mentor, tutor, counselor. Writing has always been a passion of mine and so changed my path to my passion. I believe language is the best way to convey your thoughts and dreams to get the results. I believe it takes a personal approach to reach individual success. I write with a flair for creativity and a keen eye for the professional.

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