A Lockdown Tale of Two Young People Creating a Platform for The Unsung Artists

How Taran and Nishtha Created Inked Stories- Inking Stories You Can Relate To

In 2020, we fought a fierce battle with Covid-19, and the lockdown was one of the most effective weapons in this fight. While the disastrous effects of the pandemic still haunt the memories, there have been some positive stories about creativity and innovation that kept humanity motivated and hopeful of a better and healthier future.

Today, at Captain’s Tale we are delighted to bring you one such inspiring story, inked during the lockdown phase of 2020. A story of a venture that got rooted out of bonding between two people sharing common interests, an instant spark, creativity, and a desire to give the under-viewed and under-acknowledged writers their due recognition. Inked Stories is about the desires expressed in words, feelings finding a way out on a piece of paper, and the innermost thoughts flowing freely through a nib- it is a haven for those who seek bliss in writing.

So how did this haven come into existence? Let’s devour the tale of Inked Stories with the two young founders Taran Malhotra, who is pursuing B.COM from Som-Lalit College of Commerce, and Nishtha Agarwaal, a BBA(IB) Graduate from MIT World Peace University.

Inking the Inked Stories

Standing out as a writer is still a tough job. While earlier it was difficult due to lack of exposure and resources, today the competition makes it hard for the deserving candidates to rise and shine. In addition, the new and young talents rarely get to see the day of light as the recognition lies way beyond their reach. It is what exactly conceived the idea of Inked Stories. Sharing the thoughts with us, the founders highlight what led them to start this unique venture for writers.

 “Being into the creative field, we never got appreciation, and that was something that demotivated us. Somewhere in between, we realized that it was not just us, but there were many sailing in the same boat, and that’s when we wanted to do something for them- we wanted to do something for the youth.

Initially, we started with nothing in mind and just wanted to do something during the lockdown while sitting at home. We realized that, as humans, we usually underestimate ourselves, and that’s what we have been doing our whole life. But Inked Stories gave us happiness, which we think we couldn’t get through anything else.

It was that simple, and this happened with us too. That’s what led to the inception of the company.”

The co-founders may be humble in citing that the inception was simple and just happened, but we all know that there is no story without any hurdles and challenges.

The Challenges

Inked Stories had some real challenges of finding the right people, keeping up with the market, and balancing professional and personal lives. However, the co-founders also do not shy away from accepting that the lockdown came as a boon in disguise. 

Going into the details of challenges, they disclosed,

 “In startups, one major constraint is time management. There are many decisions that you need to make over a short period and this was one obstacle for us. So, we started by eliminating and minimizing distractions and shifted our focus in terms of time and energy on the most impactful things.”

They further added,

 “by closely looking at what our competitors were doing, by creating a content calendar and small yet important things like these, we could overcome this challenge and keep up with the current market trends.”

What Makes Inked Stories Unique?

“We believe in the youth. Every generation has the opportunity to remake the world. We believe that we can value and empower the younger generation, leading us into the future. We aim to make sure we develop every individual to become a better leader.”, they said, and this is what makes Inked Stories unique in its way.

The venture has also embraced its social responsibility with open arms. Why not! After all, writers have been known to bring awareness and revolution in society, creatively targeting the areas that need attention and engaging the people with the issues that need to be addressed to make this world a better place. Inked Stories carry out this responsibility through campaigns and collaborations. They have successfully collaborated with NGOs like Jivdaya Charitable Trust and with organisations/individuals like Unshackled Poetry and Amator Insanus, Robin Hood Army, and Zomato Feeding India.

Working towards keeping people motivated in depressing times, their campaign “Drops of Joy” was a huge success, wherein they offered a positive start of the day to the people. “A Millennial Story”- an Instagram Live podcast series showcased people from different walks of life and shared their inspirational journeys.

Source: Inked Stories

Enchanted by Inked Stories is an enrapturing collection of quotes that examines mixed emotions of a monotonous life.

The company owns a strong presence over social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Youtube along with a website and boasts of a reach of around 70,000+ monthly on Instagram.

Lessons from Founders

 #1 Don’t be afraid to leap of faith – Over the years, we’ve learned to never dismiss an opportunity, no matter how daunting that opportunity might feel, we’ve always taken the chance. Our future isn’t predetermined; it will eventually be the outcome of the decisions we take today. Leaping faith brought us outside our comfort zones and pushed us to give 100% of what we can. 

#2 Don’t be afraid to take risks – Some opportunities are easier to grab than others. Throughout our journey we had self-doubts. But after taking risks at Inked Stories we realized that it is a unique experience and involves upskilling ourselves. We should constantly push ourselves. Those who play it safe will muddle on, but those who take measured gambles are the ones who often reap the largest rewards, and that’s the mantra we follow.

#3 Surround yourself with the best people – We think the key driver of our success has been the people we’ve surrounded ourselves with. It is necessary to find people who would not just observe but guide us and tell us how we could do better, and we think this is true. 

Measuring the Success

With the aim of helping the individuals develop themselves, the company believes in life-long relationships. To put in their words- “Once a part of Inked Stories, always a part of Inked Stories”.

More than a business, Inked Stories is a community that motivates and guides people to success and choose the right path along. That’s why their success is not merely dependent upon and calculated based on the stats but rather the real-life experiences, which come in the form of feedback, reviews, and testimonials from the writers who have joined them.

Words of Appreciation 

“A very selfless service by the founders. Much improvement from my side in the last eight months. The main purpose of the team is to give exposure to all the novice writers across, and ensure that the world feels them. Is recommended for anyone who has a craze of writing” – Lavanya Venugopal 

“It was my first internship. It was a great really experience working at Inked Stories. I was lost because of my 12th grades and college, but Inked Stories really helped me that time, and working with other writers, I felt confident and positive. Inked Stories will always have a special place in my heart. Especially Nishtha and Taran your hard work for this page is now shining, thank you for this opportunity” – Yogita Singh. 

It is the experiences that matter in the end. But would that mean the duo doesn’t have to face the heat of the competition?  The co-founders believe it is essential to build your own identity in a world where the competition stands #1. It won’t be wrong to say that they have created a name that will remain forever, and the credit goes to the humble approach of accepting the mistakes, flowing with the trends, being honest and innovative. 

Being the Part of Inked Stories

They put it out that their idea is to promote every talent, otherwise ignored rather than hunting for experience. Sharing with us the onboarding procedure, they stated,

 “We hire interns every month in terms of writers. We put up google forms on the first of every month, which is available till the third with simple questions asking them why they want to intern with us, why we should choose them, their best work, and more. After this, two of us go through their responses and shortlist a team who we feel could grow with us. We have a team of Select Inkers who work with us for three months and a team of interns who work with us monthly.”

A crucial theme of their work procedure is to promote innovation, creativity, productivity, and overall performance via inculcating team spirit.

The Future

“We want to support the society for a good cause, and that is what we have been trying to do since the very beginning,” they said.

Several social campaigns to bring unsung artists into the spotlight are in the pipeline, with few events and book publications. Rest remains a Surprise!

So, keep watching the Inked Stories to discover new talents and Captain’s Tale for more such inspiring stories.

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