How this Entrepreneur Established A New Venture While Seeking Solutions To His Own Start-up

Irshant Gautam Management Consultant

You might have often heard about how the unique ideas or solution to your problems click you at odd hours- like while commuting, dining out with friends, or just when you are about to close your day off by lying on your cozy bed. Isn’t it? 

Something similar happened to Irshant Gautam, a BBA (IMR Ghaziabad University CCSU Meerut 2009) and PGDM (Finance & Marketing- MS Ramaiah Institute of Management in 2011 (AIMA)), who is the Founder of Irshant Gautam Management Consulting, Wezzal InfoTech, The Dekor & Rame Glam Pvt Ltd. 

The Story

“It’s all started with my first start-up, which is Wezzal InfoTech (IT Solutions). I started this in mid-2011, and till 2014 I struggled with common start-up problems.”, answers Gautam, who strongly believes in his inner qualities. While trying to solve the problems of his start-up, the idea of laying the foundation of Irshant Management Consulting struck him. Today his firm offers Personal Development, Sales Training, Business Training, Time Management, Leadership Training, and other customized services.

Sharing details further, Irshant tells us that he was so keen to resolve the issues of his start-up that even while resting, his mind kept running behind those issues. Who would have thought that one such night will open new doors of opportunities to him, and along with his ventures, he will be resolving the problems of other businesses as well? All he had to do was revisit his past that mirrored his in-born qualities. 

“I remembered that I solved so many problems when I was in my school/college. In school, my working project reached under top 100 across India and Brazil competitions. In college, I handled and organized college fests when I was in BBA, and the students from MBA/PDGM addressed me as Sir because of my management skills. But I almost forgot all my inner qualities, so that night, I realized- yes, I have some qualities by birth, which I have already tested on the floor too.

I applied my skills and qualities to solve my problem, and I got success too in the first attempt.”

Intellect and Competitive Ear Lend the Desired Success 

Irshant openly credits his entrepreneurial success to the lessons learned when he was young and his qualities adorned by the mighty himself. However, when it comes to business-related decisions, his sharp intellect plays a crucial role. When asked how he decides which idea or vision to take, he lays down points that make Irshant Consulting Management a success. 

“…there are so many ideas flowing all around us. So before choosing any business idea considering in this competitive era, we must listen and consider three things:

Count all yours by birth qualities. If you don’t know, then count your top 5 skills you have.

Top 3 work you like to, or you can do 24 hours a day with enjoyment. Write in a notebook.

What product and services can you make/deliver, including consideration of the two points mentioned above.”

Gautam’s personality reflects his confidence. With such inborn qualities, skills, and intellect, one may wonder whether this person ever gets to face any challenges. Well, that’s unfair to think that he did not have to overcome any challenge. 

As he openly shared the factors that led him to success, he also kept transparency about the obstacles he faced when his consulting firm was still on paper. 

The Challenges and the Road-Map of Resolutions Offered

Gautam tells us that there was one question that kept him on his toes while his business was being seeded. 

“WHY A BUSINESS WILL COME TO ME AND TAKE MY SERVICES?” emphasizes Gautam. But once he found the answer to this question, there was no looking back.

Elaborating further on the distinguished services offered by his firm, Gautam points out that the services are “completely related to your business improving techniques. Or if you do not know, but one thing is sure that your business is not growing and you are putting your efforts still not getting the desired results, then we conduct an audit to find what and where the exact problem is lying and then offer fully customized solutions to them to remove hurdle from their growth path.” 

In addition, Sales Training and Business Training are the two most sought-after modules, as every business and entrepreneur wants to train their employee to perform well and increase sales for their product & services and market trend change every second. 

Onboarding of The Entrepreneurs

Gautam certainly is a master storyteller and explains the onboarding approach for entrepreneurs in a similar fashion. 

“Whenever a business is started, after some time you can find business stains, same like stains you find after playing any game in open ground. When you come back to the pavilion, you can correct yourself by observing your cloth stains and be prepared for the next time to perform better in the open ground.

The same things apply in business practice also. If you want to perform better in the market, then try to learn from the mistakes committed by your competitor and try to do better than them. On the other hand, always consult with a business consultant, management consultant, or an individual good at business mentoring. The benefit of consulting an individual is that that person can offer more focused work on your business which result better for long term.”

Now that’s what we call a piece of billion-dollar advice!

The Case of ‘Awareness Café’

We often reach out to the portfolio of a business firm if we want to take a close look at their capabilities. However, through the portfolio, we only learn the practicalities involved. Besides practicalities, there are always some interesting cases that make a project unique. While sharing one such case study, Gautam talked about Awareness Café, located in Gurugram. 

“…so after I did all my research on life location, demands surrounding, nature of people near to the café place and more, I suggested them to open a café with knowledge providing facilities inside the café so people can eat and gain knowledge at the same place.”

That’s how comes the Awareness Café!

What About the USP of His Firm? 

Gautam puts out that research and audit are the strong points of his firm that ensure the success of clients and his firm.

The Future Flight

The flight of Irshant Management Consulting Firm is to take new routes in the coming days, discloses Irshant.

 “Yes, we do have some serious future planning. In short, I can tell you it’s all related to expanding our services to outside India especially developing countries.”

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