Issad Rebrab: A Peek into First Algerian Billionaire’s Accomplishment Story

We all are self-made, but only the successful admit that.

Issad Rebrab, a reclusive man, born in 1944, is an Algerian billionaire entrepreneur, chairperson of the Cevital Industrial group. We know Cevital as the biggest private company in Algeria, dynamic in steel, food, agribusiness, and electronics. 

Cevital is one of the largest sugar refineries in the world, with a yearly production of about 1 ½ million tons. The company also produces margarine and vegetable oil. Educated for accountancy, a purchaser in 1971, suggested he buy shares in a metal company, and later he developed into the food industry. By 1998, Issad was positive enough to establish Cevital, which as of now employs over 13,000 people within the country. 

Personal Life:

Rebrab was one of the first Algerians who set foot in entrepreneurship following Independence and grew into the first billionaire of Algeria. Issad was the son of the rebellious who fought for the Independence of Algeria. So, he was not just destined to be so victorious in his profession. Rebrab graduated from a professional school. Further, he holds a degree from Forbes School of Business at Ashford University, California. It was his hard labor and willpower that given him a tremendous name in the industry. 

Issad is married with five children, one daughter, and four sons, all of whom they associate with the industry’s administration. With his attempt and devotion, he has accounted for big triumph over the last decade. He is amid the few of the business owners in Algeria who paved the way towards stretching his horizon out of the country. 


After convocation, he entered teaching, accrediting in Accounting and Commercial Law. Later, he entered entrepreneurship, leaving his teaching job, and established his own accounting firm in 1968. 

Rebrab’s industrial career started in 1971 when one of his customers suggested buying shares in a metallurgical building company. He bought 20% of shares in Sotecom. Later on, he expanded to other firms in the steel industry. He founded Profilor in 1975, and also Metal Sider in 1988.

Following a terrorist attack in 1995, Rebrab’s leading plants were destroyed. After understanding the danger involved in sticking around the country, Rebrab concluded of leaving Algeria. Later in the year 1998, he rebounds back with Cevital, the largest group in agricultural business, which proximate to the biggest individual Algerian Company. 

In 2016, Rebrab bought El Khabar media company for $45 million. It is considered being the second financing towards media, as he previously owned the French-Algerian daily paper Liberte.

Cevital owns European companies, counting French home appliances manufacturer Groupe Brandt, an Italian Steel Mill, and a German water distillation firm. 

On April 22, 2019, they imprisoned Rebrab at the prison of El Harrach on the public attorney’s order, after his detainment as part of an adulteration probe. They later released him on January 1, 2020, after having been convicted to six months of the tax, banking, and customs offenses, and having been remanded for more than his due course of the sentence. 

Additional Responsibilities of Cevital:

The consortium has its main office at Bejaia Algeria. As of 2009, the company’s turnover was US$3,589 million. The firm has about 18.000 staff. While talking in an interview with French Media BFM in 2017, Rebrab mentioned his dream project of constructing a rail project over Africa. 

The design was to expand the railways from North Africa through East and West Africa. He devised the idea while facing difficulties in transporting his company’s products around middle Africa. But in 2018, they announced that Cevital was incapable of proceeding further with the Pan-African rail freight design because of the limitations of the region to finance global projects. 

Rebrab also has the intention of constructing a town that can accommodate over 250,000 people. 

After establishing Cevital about twenty years before, the consortium has 26 subdivisions, including vast varieties of industries involving food processing, automobiles, agribusiness, and services segments. Of late, Rebrab has been planning to explore his company’s operations in Tunisia, Morocco, Brazil and Europe. 

Divisions of Cevital Group:

Listed below are the divisions of Cevital Group:

  • Cevital Food Processing
  • Nolis
  • Ceviagro
  • HMA (Hyundai Motor Algeria)
  • COGETP (Compagnie Generale des Equipements de Travaux Public)
  • ACTSpecialist (Associated Car and Truck Specialist)
  • Cevital MTP (Public Works Equipment)
  • Cevicar–Car Renting
  • Fiat
  • Immobis
  • Future Media
  • Samha
  • MFG (Mediterranean Float Glass)
  • Cevital Minerals
  • Baticompos
  • Prainsa Cevico Algeria
  • Sierra Cevital
  • Numilog
  • Numidis

Issad Rebrab Prizes and Appreciation:

  • Named amid highest ten famous Maghrebans in the world, by Arabian Business Magazine, 2012,
  • 215th place amidst 500 most famous Arabs, Arabian Business Magazine, 2012
  • The Africa CEO Forum chose Issad Rebrab as the CEO of the year 2015
  • 9th wealthiest Arab, Forbes, 2016
  • Personality of the Year, Tuscany region in Italy, 2016 
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