Listen to the delightful story of the First Emirati Female Mechanic!

Gone is the era when women were cramped to cook and were expected to oversee household chores. Nowadays, women have conquered chances, created opportunities, and have accomplished their dreams. Although the journey and circumstances might be different, the ability that remains essential to womanhood is courage and willpower. And that has escorted them to sculpt a niche in a broad range of domains. 

Women advance that extraordinary mile these days. Women’s empowerment is the need of the hour these days, as their talents are inbound and stunning. One such talent that came out in the open and made Emirati women turn their heads is Huda Al Matroushi, the first female Emirati car mechanic. This Emirati is a proud owner of a garage, Imex Car Service, in Sharjah’s Industrial Area 1.  

A Government employee in love with cars:

Since childhood, Al-Matroushi has cherished cars and a lot about them. She consistently wanted to rub into car repairs from her early years. That’s how she swirls her passion into a permanent career. She has a daytime job with Sharjah Government where she is a head of a department. Her yearning for and dedication with her double responsibilities need to involve a tough message to women around the globe that everything is achievable, everything is viable- without restrictions, and limitless. 

Setting an example as a woman:

It has taken everyone with amiable surprise by the mastery with which Al-Matroushi went around her work and creating history in collapsing gender stereotypes to pursue her passion. 

Currently, Al Matroushi can pinpoint car models without even glancing at their frame. The base built by her and her father is an outcome of Al Matroushi’s dream. This wonder woman is spurning all odds to ensure her passion, with attachments like spanner, ratchets, tweezers dangling from the wall. 

She has revealed that it all started 16 years ago that she dreamt to open a garage but she accomplished it only in the year 2020.  

These 16 years she was taking slow steps, bouncing from one garage to another so that she can acquaint herself with the mechanics of various types of car models. She even had her teeth cut while affixing engines, restoring tyres, preparing car maintenance tasks, venturing diagnostic examinations for vehicles, scrutinizing vehicles and becoming friendly with the electronic systems associated with steering, brakes and much more. 

In an interview, she revealed the incident that triggered her to open her garage immediately. She said, in July 2020, while her chauffeur drove her, in peak summer, she found out her AC was not functioning in her car. She asked her driver if the gas for the AC had been refilled, and her driver said he did and also added maybe it was because of the compressor. Then they replaced the compressor. But, after a month, the AC stopped functioning again. Al Matroushi wondered how the compressor failed in just one month. Then she realised maybe the compressor was not the original but a replacement. That’s how it should have failed. That incident triggered her to start her own garage, so that she can get products from the origin of the exact companies.

Another incident, Al Matroushi narrates is when a Porsche was deployed in her garage. The owner complained the car was heating unnecessarily. So, she examined the shock absorber and found out that the product was not an original one. When she enquired with the owner, he said that he did not have any clue about it. He added he had given his car for service and from then on; he was facing the issue. That’s how she revealed that all car owners have to be careful before leaving the car for service or repair. 

This 36-year-old further revealed that the idea to conduct workshops came in the year 2006, as an outcome and impulse to educate women, so that they can learn some basic things concerning the vehicle needs that the woman drivers must be expected to know about, as it will give a longer life for their vehicles.

Al Matroushi is currently studying engines and mechanics, and already graduated BA in public relations and media, and a master’s in management and leadership.

Strict with her tradition and attire:

Al Matroushi has been strict with her tradition and that’s why she wears an ‘abaya’ while working in her garage. She says that she did not spot it as an obstacle. Also, she finds that the material is not that much variation from the comprehensive material worn by mechanics. She is proud of her roots and her ‘abaya’ continues to be worn even when she is working in her garage. 

The Huge Turning Point:

The turning point of her life came when she got a call from the Crown Prince and also the supreme commander of the UAE armed forces of Abu Dhabi, His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan. Their conversation went viral on social media platforms and instantly she became the talk of the town. 

He expressed he was proud to have such talented woman, and it provoked him to stand by her. He further joked that he has a car that has to be fixed. 

Initially, Al Matroushi was taken aback as she did not expect a call from His Highness himself and so she stuttered in the conversation and couldn’t express her gratitude and treasure for humanity for the guidance of the state. Later, she was thrilled by the phone call and said that it will honor her throughout her entire life for this call. 

I, Priya Nagarajan, is a past Assistant Professor, mentor, tutor, counselor. Writing has always been a passion of mine and so changed my path to my passion. I believe language is the best way to convey your thoughts and dreams to get the results. I believe it takes a personal approach to reach individual success. I write with a flair for creativity and a keen eye for the professional.

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