Satvic Foods Start-up Success Story: A Journey of a Dream to A Fully Home-grown Brand

Jamana Mahajan Sets an Example Of How To Never Give-up on Your Dreams and Age is Just A Number

 “I want to do something. Can you suggest something?” This was among the first things that Jamana Mahajan asked when his son Viraj moved from Mumbai back to his hometown Ujjain. Well, this something is now known as Satvic Foods, offering a range of homemade masalas, immunity boosters, protein balls, and beauty products.

Unlike many other start-ups, the journey of Satvic Foods is not just about creating a business to earn profits. For Jamana Mahajan, it is more about establishing her identity, building relationships, and finding happiness in the satisfaction felt by people using her products. That’s what makes Satvic Foods a success story in a short period, and Jamana Mahajan an inspiration, who broke the ceiling at the age of 57.

This is her journey, as shared by Viraj Mahajan, Co-founder of Satvic Foods and a published author and content creator.

Satvic Foods: The Beginning

They say that age is just a number and Jamana Mahajan proved it right by laying the foundation of Satvic Foods at an age when most people start planning retirement. A master chef herself, with the expertise of preparing almost all the Indian traditional and regional food, Jamana had the spark of doing something of her own from an early age. With the family responsibilities taking the front seat in her life, her dream of creating her own identity went into slumber for some time, and finally, the awakening happened right before the night of her 57th birthday.

“We can start making YouTube videos for you. So, first, we started making a normal ‘how to make pizza at home’ sort of video. I shot it and was about to upload it but realized that if the consistency is not good, then we might not get what my mom desires.”, shares Viraj who has been the biggest support in Jamana’s entrepreneurship journey.

It was a year later in 2021, that Mrs.Mahajan came up with the idea of starting something very basic like Indian masalas.

“Every mom knows how to make it. So, I felt that although every mom can make it, let make my mom the one who can sell it out.” With one thing leading to another, Satvic Foods and Jamana’s dream of doing something finally came to life. It was nothing less than a surprise for the family when they received an overwhelming number of orders soon after the launch.

What’s the most fascinating part however was that the inspiration behind making masalas was that her son should not be buying masalas from stores that may not be 100% pure. More than that, why he should be buying from outside when she is good at preparing them. A mom-thing. Isn’t it! 

Laced in this simple and pure emotion, Satvic Foods has now paved its way into many lives across India and the family is growing bigger day by day.

Satvic Foods Start-up Success Story: The brand offers a range of immunity boosters, home-made Indian spices and beauty products.

The Challenges

While Mrs. Mahajan is an expert masala-maker, the manufacturing and marketing part is handled by Viraj, who did not shy away from sharing the difficulties they faced when it came to the later part.

“The biggest challenge for us was to get the Food License. There are several YouTube videos out there and other ways of getting the license, but my mom did not want to bribe anyone and wanted to keep her business ethical to the core. So, to understand all those requirements of the food authority, it took me around 2 and a half months. The second was that we launched the product in pouches earlier. But after discussing with my friend, we decided to start with the jar packaging itself. Finding the jar, designing, and starting again was the second difficulty we faced in our journey.”

Two days before the big launch, the complete packaging strategy was changed. However, the results are now in Satvic’s favor and we completely agree that all is well that ends well. The jar packaging not only increased the product life but also enhanced the aesthetically aspect of the packaging and made it eco-friendlier.

However, the difficulties did not end here themselves. The next biggest hurdle faced by the mother-son duo was the delivery part. In the beginning, some of the customers received the broken jar and that damaged the product to an extent that it could not be consumed. However, the founders ensured the safety and health of the consumers by not only switching their delivery partners but also following the quality check process again, right from the beginning, and that too every single time before parceling out the product.

This not only helped Satvic Foods gain trust among its consumer base but also created a quality benchmark for others to reach.

On being asked what are the other factors that play an important role in running a successful food-based business, Viraj pointed out some crucial ones.

“First of all, quality matters the most. It starts with quality and hygiene. There are NABL labs, assigned by the Food Authority of India for quality checks. If the sample report from these labs is negative, the whole batch is to be discarded.

The second thing is the packaging. If you are using fragile material like glass jars or bottles, make sure that you protect and package them well so that it reaches the consumer safely.

The third most important point is to choose the right delivery partner, who can pick, transfer and deliver your product to the consumer in the right way and on time. Don’t think of saving the money here, because choosing the wrong delivery partner may jeopardize your brand value to great lengths.

Lastly, always be attentive and listen to your customers. As you can see from mom’s LinkedIn profile, she replies to every comment…. You have to engage with people.”

Satvic’s Marketing Make It A Different Success Story

Being a writer for almost 11 years, Viraj’s experience in content creation and marketing proved to be a boon. Instead of following a traditional social media strategy, Viraj decided to leverage LinkedIn to share their story, where it is easy to find business stories but not stories that every house has to tell.

“As long as we are talking on a very human level, that is the only way to reach the brands. Because see, you can buy any masala from a particular brand, why are you going to buy my Rajwadi masala? But m not selling the product. I am selling my mom’s vision. I am talking about what she has achieved.”, shared Viraj.

Another great aspect of the customer service offered by Satvic Foods is that Mrs. Mahajan doesn’t consider them as ‘customers’. Rather for her, they are the family, with whom she connects at the personal level and makes sure that they have no complaints with the product or the delivery services or for that matter of fact anything with which she can be of any help.

“Every Saturday I sit with my mom and tell her that inhone ye mangwaya hai, inhone ye…and I ring them up and she starts the conversation with them. She talks about how they are, what they do, and how they are liking our product. She takes pen and paper with her and notes down all the feedbacks.”

For Viraj, it seems like some MBA classes are going on in his house.

Not just that, Mrs. Mahajan has even perfected her LinkedIn game. With more than 10K followers on LinkedIn, Jamana Mahajan has taken social media interaction to another level by adding her charm to it. This is well reflected in her posts, which receive an unexpected response, that even includes getting 2.3 million views on her first post. The key is to make your posts realistic, relatable, and as simple as you can.

Treating Business More than Business

Viraj shares that for his mom, Satvic Foods is like her baby. Moreover, in the times when for many entrepreneurs, money comes first, her mom is content in making people happy with her recipes and building relationships. She owns an identity of hers, which was the driving force in the establishment of Satvic Foods. What lesson does this impart? Well, for us it is to focus on customer relationships, ethical values, and quality of the product. Profits and success is bound to happen.

Right from building a fully home-grown brand, including the funding and investment to expanding the range of products, it is the child-like curiosity and passion towards her work that keeps Jamana Mahajan going on and exploring new horizons. One thing that her tale truly makes her Captain is that no matter how many obstacles or personal losses you may face, it takes only the will-power to step out there and conquer the world.

I am a content strategist and writer, and like to post on business, technology, people, places, money---and food!

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