The She Community: Equality and Diversity Redefining Socio-Economic Development In MENA Region

It is unbiased to give voice from simply remunerated lip service to equality. But that doesn’t stop the UAE government as it has been outstanding to impose and deliver it in real progress. With female entrepreneurship on the rise, women have excelled in businesses and are helping to ease the imprecise tradition that entrepreneurship opportunities are seldom handy to women.

It is revealed that female entrepreneurship now accounts for 10% of the total private sector. Also, women now constitute two-thirds of the public sector workforce, with 30% in high-ranking positions. 

They also found that they account for one-quarter of the national parliament. A study released found that across the UAE, women hold 50% of all public and private positions. 

How did it start?

The Dubai Government launched the Dubai Women Establishment (DWE) in 2006 as an impact of effective policy at the national level. The focus is to promote women as an essential part of Dubai’s socio-economic development. 

It has accomplished development through the inauguration of the UAE Gender Balance Council in 2015 to label the gender gap in national institutions. 

How can it develop female entrepreneurs?

The government’s efforts have led to expansion in drastic measures for women as they are progressing in economic force with huge potential in all sectors. It will also help to overcome abiding cultural or social hurdles such as in approaching economic childcare. 

Initially, it was aimed at Emirati women, but in later stages, it is taking steps for all women in business. 

From women-centered HR companies to women-only capitalists, there are many companies in the UAE helping to uplift their chances of success. 

Hopscotch, a firm that works solely with women and allows funds and coaching in the business world across MENA (the Middle East and North Africa). 

WOMENTUM, a division of Dubai-based women-only company WOMENA, is a start-up to stabilize female-led tech bootstrapping in the Middle East, to develop the number of women entrepreneurs in the developing countries. 

How will it assist Women Entrepreneurs?

If you are working with companies that appreciate the challenges and accept those surface businesswomen in UAE then it will boost ambitious women.  

It will not only be helpful for executive services but also will be an aid to develop a network between like-minded women. 

It has benefitted UAE’s female entrepreneurs and become more ambitious than their counterparts across the world. 

Another benefit the government launched recently is by providing long-term visas to upto 10 years of investors, entrepreneurs, and innovators. This will attract a new generation of talent and entrepreneurs to the UAE, as that is the sole aim of the changes in regulations. 

This rule will bring stability, confidence, settlement, and will expatriate entrepreneurs for a long-term proposition. It will boost as a global hub for business. 

The march of women-led entrepreneurs will be non-stoppable as the country’s support, spirit, and opportunity are tremendous. 

By 2030, professional and technical jobs will double because of digitization, entrepreneurship, and online platforms. 

Although men and women have similar education level rates, usually women prefer arts and education degrees. Recently, it is found that many women graduates prefer STEM-related fields.  

Lately, a new regulation came into effect, stating companies must have at least one female board member, which will boost gender equality in the workforce. 

We can also find many numbers of women are increasing in politics, transport division as drivers, and city parking services are reserved for women and are stated in pink color.

The UAE’s achievement is best symbolized as transformation and the growing importance of Emirati women as partners and benefactors in this miraculous nation-building process. 

Although like all countries it is coping with Covid-19, it also has a huge impact in all business. An OECD report declared that this pandemic has drained significance for gender equality in the MENA region, and this has brought a chance to rethink women’s role in thrift and community. 

So, when we recuperate, we have a discrete opportunity to knock a reappraisal in all industries. The only concern will be if we have the required workforce, if not then start preparing in advance for it. 

A report submitted by MIWE (Mastercard Index of Women Entrepreneurs) states that according to the United Nations restricting gender-gap in business ownership will start a journey in allowing women to boost the economy post-Covid-19 with well-built, unbiased, and feasible growth.

In this aspect women should be provided more options, better approach, amplified digital tools, enhanced link, and prominent chance. By 2025, Mastercard is focusing to provide 25 million women entrepreneurs with help to blend and grow their businesses through funding, coaching, and developing technologies. 

This will show investors in the Middle East that diversity is important, and it is a victory to carry on this path.    

I, Priya Nagarajan, is a past Assistant Professor, mentor, tutor, counselor. Writing has always been a passion of mine and so changed my path to my passion. I believe language is the best way to convey your thoughts and dreams to get the results. I believe it takes a personal approach to reach individual success. I write with a flair for creativity and a keen eye for the professional.

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