15 things you should never do when you are in Dubai

things not to do when in dubai
things to avoid when you are in Dubai

There are a ton of things you do without really thinking which may conflict with the neighbourhood law and therefore can end you in jail. From moving out in the open to flipping creatures like birds, there are ample things that can put an unfavourable end to that ideal holiday trip.

1. Cross-dressing can land you in prison with substantial fines demanded.

Dubai, being a traditionalist local area, is antagonistic towards homosexuality. Dressing up as opposite to your sex is seen in a similar light as being gay. In 2008, police confined 40 cross-dressing in travellers.

2. It is illicit for unmarried couples to remain together in a hotel.

Living together can bring about a fine, detainment and removal.

3. Drinking in broad daylight isn’t permitted nor is being smashed out in the open.

Drinking out in the open or in any event, being tanked can pull in punishments which can be in the form of fines, detainment, or even deportation. Drink just at home or at a bar.

4. Ownership of medications can land you in prison for the whole life or even put to death.

Indeed, even a minuscule measure of unlawful medications in your blood or urine is considered as ownership in Dubai.

In 2008, a British traveler was condemned to four years in prison after the custom officers found a little bit of cannabis stuck to his shoe.

5. Try not to carry pork or… Stand by, what are you in any event, thinking?

Ensure that you lock that piece of meat inside your refrigerator before you land in Dubai.

6. Public display of love or in any event, embracing openly isn’t adequate.

While holding hands is permitted for married couples, kissing or embracing in broad daylight isn’t.

7. Flinging indecencies will get you fined or even worse.

Dubai is conservative when it comes to awful language. In 2016, a court requested the retrial of a man who was sentenced for swearing at a partner in a WhatsApp message.

8. Dancing in broad daylight is taboo and classified as profane and provocative.

Dancing is permitted distinctly in the security of authorized clubs or at home. Tuning in to loud music is additionally denied in Dubai.

9. Utilizing the left hand to eat or to acknowledge rewards is considered as messy.

The left hand is viewed as messy on the whole Arab societies as the left hand is utilized for cleaning oneself in the wake of going to the rest room. If you are a left-handed individual, you should show that you are able to use both hands.

10. Eating openly during Ramadan can land you in prison for as long as a month.

Article 313 of the Penal Code of UAE thinks of it as a wrongdoing for anybody to consume food or even beverage openly during Ramadan. The same applies to tourists as well. All eateries stay shut in any case during the fasting period.

11. Censuring Islam or the decision families is deserving of law.

Thou shalt not reprimand the religion of a land thou workmanship visiting, ‘because that is cold-hearted and stupid simultaneously.

12. Pointing the sole of your shoe toward an Arab is seen as an offense.

The shoe is viewed as messy in light of the fact that it is on the ground and connected with the foot, the least piece of the body. So, ensure that when you sit with your legs crossed, your soles don’t point towards an Arab.

13. Giving the OK indication is viewed as hostile as it means the evil eye.

You might need to show the ‘alright sign’ to the gourmet expert after he takes care of you the best kebabs of your life, yet don’t. Licking the plate clean, in a real sense, would be a superior alternative. Alright?

14. Foul hand signals can pull in prison time or a hefty fine.

In the event that somebody surpasses you in the expressway simply let it go!

15. Taking photographs of others without their consent is illicit and you can be fined for doing as such.

As per Article 378 of UAE Penal Code, taking photographs and recordings of individuals without their assent is attacking their privacy. The camera in such situation will be seized and the accounts destroyed, however the photographer may need to pay a fine and be detained.

While a portion of these rules may appear to be unusual to you, you should understand that each community has its own conventions which don’t generally line up with your feeling of normativity.

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