3 Reasons to Visit Kuwait Now

Kuwait, located in one of the world’s most historic and contentious regions, retains a special allure for visitors. It is a small country on the Persian Gulf’s northern coast, on the northern edge of Eastern Arabia.

This small country has a secret allure that draws travellers back after their initial visit. It offers a genuine Arab experience.

Kuwait is only a few hours’ drive from popular Middle Eastern destinations such as Dubai, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey. As a result, it’s simple to incorporate it into a journey to any of these countries. Because it is a small country, you will not need to stay for long. Two days is all it takes to explore the key sights.


Kuwait has impeccable attractions which you would not be aware of!

The Grand Mosque in Kuwait City is a big and magnificently decorated mosque that can hold up to 12,000 attendees. It took $46 million to build this beauty and opened in 1986. It is known for its beautiful features such as chandeliers, and an intricate gold plated dome.

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Siddiqa Fatima Zahra Mosque in Kuwait, Middle East

The Kuwait towers are one of the best attractions in Kuwait. You will not find this anywhere but here. Kuwait is a small country where the top of Kuwait Towers provides a panoramic view of the entire country! The three towers are a well-known landmark in Kuwait City. The main tower features an observation platform from which you can see the entire nation on a clear day.

The House of Mirrors is a museum that is fully covered in mirrors and is the residence of an artist Lidia Al Qattan. A house, which uses over 70 tonnes of mirrors, is a sensory sound, light, and touch experience.

Kuwait is one of the best places to experience desert safari. You can see the flat, sandy Arabian Desert that spans the majority of the country. You can join a camel trip or go on an SUV safari.


Kuwait has a population of over 4 million people and because of the great number of immigrants, there are different kinds of cuisines. Kuwait offers real Mexican, Thai, Italian, Lebanese, Iranian, Indian and many more cuisines. Kuwait gives you world Cuisines, making it one of the unique countries. Kuwait has its own cuisine which is a must try. 

Kuwait’s delectable cuisine can be found in a variety of eateries, and restaurants. Kuwaiti dishes are bursting with flavours that make you want to try more.

The cuisine adventure is different and unique. Kuwait has attracted visitors from all over the world due to its cuisine.


Most of them do not have Kuwait in their bucket list! Why?

You never think of Kuwait when you’re planning a trip. This is probably because you recall the Gulf War and believe that the country is still worn-torn and dangerous to visit. Let’s get out there and learn a bit more about Kuwait.

This is a false perception. Kuwait has remained safe and politically stable since the end of the Gulf War, and you should not be afraid to visit. Kuwait is a crime free and beautiful city. But there are a few things to keep in mind. Kuwait is a dry country, you will not find alcohol and pubs like other countries.Instead, there are mocktails, non-alcoholic beers and wines.

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Kuwait has rigorous restrictions that many visitors may not be aware of. It is illegal to consume alcohol, to engage in gay behaviour, or to possess pork or pornography. Learn the rules so you don’t upset the people and respect them.

Finally, avoid visiting during the warmer months (June -August).  During certain months, temperatures can reach extreme levels. The best time to visit Kuwait is during the winter (December to March), when the weather is favourable.

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