Best Places To Visit In Kuwait

If you’re planning a trip to Kuwait, don’t hesitate and get ready to have a great time. However, before you go,

It is important to make sure you know which attractions you can see within your time frame and which places are vital to see.

Kuwait holds a distinct fascination for travelers due to its location in one of the world’s most historic and disputed areas. It is a small country on the northern shore of the Persian Gulf, on the outskirts of Eastern Arabia. This small country has a mysterious charm that entices visitors to return after their first visit. It provides a true Arab experience.

Kuwait, officially known as the “State of Kuwait, “located between Saudi Arabia and Iraq, is known for its sky-scraping towers, immaculate architecture, turquoise water, and long coastline. It is most known for its three Kuwait Towers that tower over the pristine Persian Gulf. It has a lot more to offer tourists, including beaches, markets, and the Grand Mosque.


Kuwait’s beaches are beautiful. Kuwait has a beautiful coastline, with azure waters and white sand that are truly stunning. Tourists can enjoy the fresh sea breeze, or participate in a variety of water sports.

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Al Kout Beach, Kuwait

The AL Kout beach, famed for its tranquil sands and calm blue waves, is one of the best spots to visit in Kuwait. Every year, tourists from all around the world visit this beach for its beauty.

Kubbar Island

This island, also known as ‘Kobar,’ is roughly 30 kilometers south of Kuwait’s southern edge in the Persian Gulf. Travelers refer to the tiny island as Kuwait’s Ibiza, as it is surrounded by crystal clear waters and offers sandy beaches for cool parties. Things that you can do here is Go snorkeling, watch seabirds nest, and have a beach party for your pals.

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This teeny-tiny island, with its principal attraction, is a must-see.

Souk Al-Mubarakiya

Most recommended thing to do in Kuwait is shopping in Souk Al-Mubarakiya. This was the place of trading before the Gulf nation discovered oil, and it is one of the country’s oldest markets. It now sells anything you can think of, including dates, dried fruit, olives, jewelry, and even Made-In-China items!

Grand Mosque

The Grand Mosque, one of Kuwait’s most popular tourist attractions, draws visitors from all over the world. It is one of Kuwait’s numerous treasures. The Grand Mosque, despite being the country’s largest mosque, is known for hosting large festivals and other religious events.

Siddiqa Fatima Zahra Mosque in Kuwait, Middle East

The mosque, which is roughly 46000 square meters in size. During the month of Ramadan, Muslims from all over the world congregate at the Grand Mosque.

Liberation Tower

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The symbol of Kuwait’s liberation.

The tower was named after the multinational coalition that led to the country’s independence from Iraqi domination. The tower includes a spinning restaurant and an observation platform in addition to the telecommunications office.

House of Mirror

This house, located in Qadsiya,is owned by Lidia al-Qattan, an Italian-born sculptor, painter, and jeweler, and her family. The mirrors and artwork are simply stunning, leaving you speechless and enthralled. Every wall, from the floorboard to the furniture, is covered in mirrors of various shapes and sizes.

Kuwait has rigorous restrictions that many visitors may not be aware of. It is illegal to consume alcohol, to engage in gay behavior, or to possess pork or pornography. Learn the rules so you don’t upset the people and respect them.

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