Travelling to Qatar? Here Are 6 Facts About Qatar You May Not Know Yet!

facts about Qatar

A history that has lived it large in the present and has amazing ideas for the future, Qatar is a hidden gem of the Middle East. For all the culture lovers and adventurous soul, if you are planning a trip to Qatar, then be certain to witness the magical destination. From dazzling shoreline to enormous historical attractions, Qatar is one of the hottest destinations of the Middle East.

A trip to Qatar is definitely an overwhelming opportunity for families, couples or any group. If you are ready to have a gala time in the city and create memories that will last a lifetime, then you should also be prepared to know certain facts about Qatar that will make your dream travel experience better.

Here are 6 facts about Qatar you probably didn’t know:

1. Be sure that your passport dates are valid

Qatar is an astonishingly simple country to visit. While numerous nations require extensive visa documentation to get in and out, in Qatar it’s free and basic – in case you’re certain that your documentation work is error-free. Ensure that your visa dates will be useful for at least 6 months after you travel there. The moment you visit, you’ll be given a visa waiver that is useful for 30 days and can be renewed for an additional 30 days in case you’re on a long trip. That makes for simple entry and exit, as long as you’re sure that everything on your end is updated.

2. Experience Qatar during a stopover

In the event that you book your flight through Qatar Airways, you can likewise apply for a travel visa that is useful for somewhere in the range of 5-96 hours. This means, in case you’re flying through the zone, you can have a short visit on your way for a day or 2 that permits you to visit all the sights of the nation. You can see the Museum of Islamic Art, Pearl Island, Angry Birds World and a significant number of different activities in Doha, Qatar, all with a brisk visit. Simply be certain you apply ahead of time. The visit visa is a superior choice in case you’re simply going to be visiting the area for 1 to 3 days.

3. It’s liberal, but some Middle Eastern rules still apply

Although Qatar is a friendly city and allows a lot of things unlike other Islamic countries, there are codes and customs to honour the local culture. Numerous Qatari ladies wear traditional; however, outsiders are allowed to wear modest apparel in public that covers from the shoulders to the knees. By and large, short shorts or skirts, sleeveless tops, sheer apparel, midsection uncovering shirts, and spaghetti straps are not allowed. On the seashore, you can wear a two-piece or bathing suit, however, you should cover up in public places.

There are 2 off-licenses in the entire country, both in Doha, which are controlled by the Qatar Distribution Company. To purchase liquor, you need a letter from your boss expressing what you make every month, and you’ve just apportioned a specific percentage of that to purchase alcohol. In case you are allowed, you can likewise purchase pork items at the off-license. If you’re going to a bar or club that serves liquor, traditional dress is taboo.

4. Freedom of Speech isn’t very common in Qatar

In the West, people are accustomed to having the opportunity to say and write what they want, when they want, about whoever they want. The right to speak freely of discourse is a vital part of our way of life. That is not the situation in Qatar. Be cautious what you state while you’re in this little nation. Their constitution denies scrutinizing the emir, and it’s really wrongdoing that carries a prison sentence. As a rule, as long as you operate with respect, you ought to be fine and make some great memories on the trip.

5. It’s the home of Al-Jazeera

Most of us know about the Al-Jazeera organization. What you can be sure of is that this celebrated Islamic news and entertainment network is really situated in Doha. It’s the main telecaster in the whole Arab world and was bankrolled by the last emir of the country. Numerous explorers, after finding this fact, head for the Al-Jazeera headquarters to look at the home of this organization with worldwide broadcasting capacities.

6. It’s super affordable

In case you’re searching for a budget staycation, Qatar is a remarkable option. You can discover 5-star hotels in Qatar for less than 50% of what it costs in other parts of the world. Four-star and lower rating hotels are even more affordable. This makes a trip to Qatar an extremely attractive plan to take your family on an international holiday without using up every last cent. Simply search for the best deals online and you’ll be surprised at what you can discover.

If these interesting facts urge you to experience Qatar and its wonders, then make the most of your time by checking out deals on Qatar vacation packages. Who knows, you might just end up booking a trip right now!

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