6 Unique Experiences to Try in Dubai

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Beaches, record-breaking architecture, a plethora of shopping and dining experiences is what makes Dubai a city of extremes. Who knew once a small Bedouin village would, in today’s time, become the global entertainment hub of the world? An exclusive city and one of the most popular destinations in the United Arab Emirates, Dubai goes beyond the usual and has come a long way. 

If Dubai has been on your bucket list, then you would be spellbound by the amazing experiences that it has to offer. Here is our attempt to give you a list of tours and activities that will take you to the deepest roots and corner of the desert city. Ready to take a plunge?

Sky Dive over Palm Jumeirah 

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Experience Dubai like never before with Skydiving adventure sports over the artificially created archipelago of Palm Jumeirah formed like a palm tree guarantees. You will experience heavenly views and a sterling adrenaline rush. What’s more, indeed, you don’t have to be a prepared jumper, there are impressive sky plunging arrangements made for novice’s as well.

Watch the Sunset from the Burj Khalifa 

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One can witness numerous delightful sunsets but watching it from the top of the Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest structure with 122 stories, makes it even more magical. The trip to the top of the building is a short one, and the 360-view of the city and the brilliant tint of dusk is definitely something to vouch for! Ensure you carry your camera to catch the glimpse. 

Zip-line through the Dubai Fountain

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If you are in Dubai, witness a free show of the world’s biggest choreographed water fountain at the world’s biggest mall. Dive into a breath-taking experience as you zip-line through the Dubai Fountain. The X-line is a zip wire ride through downtown Dubai’s center and over the world’s largest choreographed fountain system, the Dubai Fountain.

Dive into the Dubai Mall Aquarium

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Was swimming with the sharks on your bucket list? Then, the Dubai mall aquarium will fulfill your long-awaited wish. Visit the Dubai Mall Aquarium to experience its vast ten-million-liter tank filled with aquatic wildlife, and make it a once in a lifetime to remember while you swim with the sharks. You can dive into this adventure, guided by qualified instructors. 

Enjoy the Dubai Desert Safari 

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Dubai can charm you like no other! How about we admit that there’s nothing similar to the Dubai desert safari experience? An opportunity to encounter the Bedouin time clubbed with a dash of extravagance and eminence can only happen in Dubai. Take a four-wheel drive to the authentic campsite in the center of the desert with conventional dance, food, and entertainment. 

Shop in Dubai’s Malls – One of the World’s Largest Shopping Centres

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Visiting Dubai without witnessing the grandeur of the biggest mall in the world, is not something to be accepted. The Dubai Mall has something to offer everyone and gives a memorable shopping and dining experience. From Payless to Manolo Blahnik, from Starbucks to Vogue Café, and from Forever 21 to Louis Vuitton, the Dubai Mall is home to over 120 cafes and restaurants and over 1200 retail outlets to shop from. It also boasts of an underwater zoo and an Olympic proportion skating rink. 

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