7 Most Amazing Rooftop Pools in Dubai to Visit

Dubai, known for every lavish and inventiveness, from the skyscraper or the picturesque cafes and rooftop pools- emirates will swoon you in everything. 

But to merge with the wonderful experience and vacation with the scorching sun and swimming, book a sumptuous hotel with a rooftop pool.

With a scenic view of the city’s skyline and climate ascending to 40C, you must be in the water, with a sip in your hand, with the perspective of the city skyline before your eyes. 

Here we will look at some of the best pools in Dubai:

Address Dubai Marina:

It is doubtless that these are the biggest swimming pools in Dubai. This pool is 50 meters, and the location is right in the middle of the Dubai Marina and invents a tremendous feeling among all the skyscrapers. Almost 50% of the swimming pool has a vast poolside out over the marina and all the lavish yachts. It is the perfect spot to associate if you want to look out for boats and people. You can reserve food and drink in between swimming in the rooftop restaurant. Just how you get the amenities in a 5-star hotel, you can get access to the same rooftop pool. 

Image Source: https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/uUq-cEaA5FSzgrioIlsm2aaekKGgRLXSwJvdqa-h-88Pz4x9WihKlXYRVBM16WLQ5j2l-FX1OC7tfV7DfgMnv10nkF90DMeT6COde3tPzowy58IYBWc38xBIZMOa7_wsEhJSdKE

Park Regis Kris Kin:

Image Source: https://dynamic-media-cdn.tripadvisor.com/media/photo-o/03/b7/13/ae/park-regis-kris-kin-hotel.jpg?w=900&h=-1&s=1

In the older parts of Dubai, north of downtown is Park Regis Kris Kin hotel. This 5-star hotel has a hidden gem in its rooftop pool. 

Although the location is not that much good, it has balanced the defect with its building, rooftop pool, and the view that is seen absolutely to the marina and Burj Al Arab with the clear weather. 

Like all the other rooftop pool hotels, it is accessible only for the guests. They have unlatched a rooftop bar called K2-ZERO for the guests that are opened all night.  

Sofitel Dubai Downtown:

Image Source: https://cf.bstatic.com/xdata/images/hotel/max1024x768/229341229.jpg?k=4cc4b1b0c3f5ba7bc6de8a9ee035c687427193ceaa25f360a601e9449f470497&o=&hp=1

Sofitel Dubai Downtown has a large and lavish swimming pool. Although it has a low altitude from the 5th floor yet you can get an outstanding view over the world’s tall building Burj Khalifa from here. 

You can find the terrace and its décor super sumptuous, and they are surrounded by palm trees that help you to imagine you are in the middle of an oasis. 

As usual, the norm to use the pool is to be a guest in the hotel. Also, you can access the rooftop bar “Above Lounge” over there. This bar is accessible to the public.

Sofitel Dubai Jumeirah Beach:

Image Source: https://www.visitdubai.com/sc7/-/media/new-hotels/116579189/138983544.jpg

Palm trees and cozy bean bags surround Sofitel Dubai Jumeirah Beach with the world’s coolest rooftop pools in Dubai. The location of the rooftop is such that we can view breathtaking vistas of complete Palm and the Arabian Gulf. 

Never miss watching the sunset, as it will make you a professional photographer. It is the best sunset view in this lavish city. 

Aside from the infinity pool, the roof is also a quarter to the Infini Pool Lounge, and a bar named Meze platters that serves refreshing cocktails and a nice collection of Shisha. 

InterContinental Dubai Festival City:

Image Source: https://cf.bstatic.com/xdata/images/hotel/max1024x768/283310108.jpg?k=bf8ce56c379987bcd2dc31974c6f6dd45d6a9059cb3134cbb51be08eaf2f6029&o=&hp=1

Known for an appealing rooftop pool in Dubai, this Intercontinental Dubai Festival city hotel has a vantage point. It is well known for the persons hanging out by the rooftop swimming pool as it gives a good angle of all the boats that are drifting outside of the hotel. 

It is flawless when you use it on warmer days. The pleasant and bracing temperature is perfect to soothe your body. However, the refreshing thing with this pool is the transparent mirror tank that hangs out from the side of the premises. It may scare you or shatter your mind based on your proximity to adventure. 

They launched this part on the 25th floor where you can see the down the street from the bottom of the swimming pool. 

The Penthouse:

Image Source: https://dynamic-media-cdn.tripadvisor.com/media/photo-o/11/04/c3/aa/pool–v17477860.jpg?w=600&h=300&s=1

The Penthouse is on the 16th floor of Five Palm Jumeirah. It has two glass-walled swimming pools with Jumeirah and Marina that is covering seating options that are flawless for capturing a dreamy sunset and sunrise. It also holds parties in the evening. 

Besides the twin rooftop pools, it also has an air-conditioned club partnered with quality that makes you visit for more. 

Address Sky View:

Image Source:https://r1imghtlak.mmtcdn.com/fda7c2ea84a511eab5df0242ac110002.png?&output-quality=75&output-format=jpg

In Address Sky View, the infinity pool is on the 54th floor with an amazing view of Burj Khalifa. It is ringed with a large sun-lounging deck and a private cabin. It is beside the CE LA VI rooftop bar and restaurant. It opened the infinity pool only for guests, but they open the bar and restaurant to the public. 

It is a paradise for pool–lovers, as it has an impressive pool and Pool Lounge on Level 2 with an exceptional sky view. 

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