Is Dubai Costly: Things to Know Before Going to Dubai

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Dubai is the world’s most famous tourist site. The wealthiest state of United Arab Emirates (UAE) is popular for its high-rise buildings, modern lifestyle, and diverse culture, all attributed (mainly) to the travel industry. Although COVID has placed a restraint on travel activities around the globe, Dubai is still one of the most visited places. Between the years 2010 to 2016, the state welcomed more than 84 million travelers, some of them for tourism and others for job prospects. In 2020, visits were dropped drastically due to the pandemic.

But pictures are not always enough to understand what to expect when you land in Dubai. What kind of rules and regulations you must follow while visiting Dubai in terms of clothes, food, stay, and general? Here are the answers to the most asked questions regarding the dos and don’ts while visiting Dubai as a tourist.

What is the Best Time to Visit Dubai?

Dubai is a delight throughout the year. But if you are looking to catch some festivals (music, shopping, or others) in the state, you need to better arrange for the time when the event is being held. Ideally, from the weather perspective, a visit from October to April would be best for people who do not like the hot climate.

Dubai is known for hot and hotter weather throughout the year and only between October to April could one enjoy the light sun with clear blue skies and moderate climate. Even instances of rain could occur during this period, but they aren’t prolonged enough to affect your travel plans.

When Should you Book Flights and Hotels for Stay?

Any international trip would require the traveler to conduct ample research on flight and hotel bookings well in advance—preferably five to six months in advance. The same is true for Dubai. While you can rely on your family or friends to help you through the visa process and hotel bookings, it is better to be well aware of everything independently before embarking on the journey. Search for flight tickets regularly for your date of departure and book approximately one and a half months in advance. As for hotels, research on different stays on the internet or travel apps to get a great deal.

How to Travel within the Dubai City: Taxi, Metro, or Self-drive?

Metro and taxi are a fairly cheap mode of transportation in Dubai. As a traveler, they are also convenient for you to reach places without worrying about getting lost. Self-drive is the least preferred and suggested option for a tourist. Taxi and metro are ideal, with taxis taking precedence as many places in Dubai are far off and not always connected by metro. Also, taxis are cheap as well which will not hamper your travel budget. Additionally, you would need to know the destination and tip your driver at the end of the ride.

What are Additional Rules to Follow During the Holy Month of Ramadan?

In case, you are visiting Dubai during Ramadan, you would need to take care of a few things before immersing yourself in the ‘Dubai traveling experience’. Mainly, you would need to avoid smoking, eating, and drinking in public places during the Ramadan month. You would also need to be extra careful about visiting tourist places and eateries and order food and drinks that are on the menu as per the restricted rules placed by the restaurant during Ramadan. Usually, rules are not stringent for visitors, but it is customary to show respect to the holy month in the state.

Is Dubai Only About Skyscrapers?

The answer is no. Just like how Egypt is more than just its desert and pyramids, Dubai is also more than the lights and high-rise buildings you see in the pictures. Within the confines of the vast land of Dubai rests various cultural and ethnic travel sites. You can head over to the souks that flank Dubai Creek where traders from all over the Middle East assemble with their goods. If you ever want to take a souvenir back to your home country, these bazaars are the best place to buy one.

What Restrictions Do You Have to Follow in Dressing Up?

None whatsoever. Although situated in a conservative part of the world, Dubai is popular for a modern outlook and lifestyle. You can wear any dress of your choice—a bikini on the beach, shorts in the mall, and whatever you like. There is also no compulsion to cover your head in public. However, you would need to pack the essentials and clothes as per the weather; the climate is hot, but the ACs in malls make the person cold. In short, dress as you like; only keep in mind the place and event as you would usually.

In the next part of the article, we will explore the other prospects of other things that a visitor must know before they land in Dubai. In addition, the next post will also cover a few things that you must avoid at all cost to enjoy your stay in the state.

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