Visiting Dubai? Laws of Dubai Every Tourist Must Know

Visit Dubai - Dos and Don'ts of Visiting Dubai

Fun, adventure, and excitement; all this and more describe Dubai the best. UAE’s wealthiest and modern state, Dubai has gained a name for itself in the travel and tourism industry. However, not everything that is seen in the pictures comes out true. Being a country in the most conservative part of the world, Dubai has its own rules and regulations for tourists, a mandatory part of travel.

In the last post about visiting Dubai, we explored the basic factors to consider before landing to travel to the city. Continuing with the same, this post will highlight the essential do’s and don’t for tourists who are visiting Dubai for the first time and are not well-versed with its culture and religious values. These are not stringent laws of Dubai that need to be respected; they are more like a public convention expected of every traveler coming to Dubai. We also suggest that you do all the research and read everything you could find on visiting Dubai before flying to the place.

Do’s in Dubai

Let us begin by mentioning that Dubai has made a name for itself in modern society, and is far from other Middle Eastern countries that have quite tight regulations for travelers. Here are the dos of visiting Dubai:

  • Dress Impressively Yet Be Modest: Travelers can practically wear what they like anywhere in Dubai. But following the proverb ‘When in Rome, dress like Romans,’ one must always consider the place, occasion, season, and public convention. You do not need to imitate the locals in dressing style; you can dress-up in your favorite swimwear or knee-length dress whenever you like. Simply try to dress modestly in crowded places and avoid cross-dressing or going topless on beaches as it is illegal.
  • Make Use of Public Transport: There is no law in Dubai for tourists to always opt for public transport, but it is a sensible choice. Metros and a taxi cab will make it easier for you to travel between places without getting lost in the way. Furthermore, driving in a foreign country without the idea of its traffic and the licensing rule is a big no-no. Dubai has excellent connectivity to several tourist locations via cabs, which is the best choice for every traveler.
  • Look Where you Step: Although Dubai is a large city, it does not offer pedestrians many options. Due to its vast sprawling size, the city is known to limit walkable areas for people. Just ensure to look where you step to avoid any potholes or uneven pavements on your way.
  • Check Timings: The park you want to visit, or the restaurant your local guide suggested is not open 24/7. We recommend you to check the timings of every place, including metros, malls, and hotels. Suppose you are interested in exploring something unique that might be available only during a particular season. In that case, we suggest you check the time and book your flight tickets to visit Dubai.
  • Show Respect to Dubai’s Culture and Religion: Not every tourist is aware of how things run in Dubai, and not every tourist needs to; they simply need to observe the surroundings and understand how locals behave, talk, and walk-in public. On the other hand, it is better to leave things untouched and unsaid if you do not know about it or always ask.
  • Travel till Your Heart’s Content: Laws in Dubai are like any other country; you just need to follow them, and you’re set to explore one of the most amazing states in UAE. Visit malls, even if you do not have any particular shopping to do, travel to off-road places, and experience the native culture of Dubai far from the modern hustle-bustle.

Don’t in Dubai

It is important to know what you do in Dubai; it is equally essential to understand what you need to avoid while visiting Dubai as a tourist.

  • Do not shoot pictures without permission of women and family members outside on their daily routine
  • Avoid extending your hand for a shake to the opposite gender unless they do it first
  • Public display of affection is illegal in the country
  • Drinking is allowed and legal in Dubai, but refrain from doing so in public
  • Do not drink, smoke, or eat in public during the holy month of Ramadan
  • Avoid littering around and smoking on the street or any public place

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