Women in Tourism: Saudi’s New Rules as per Vision 2030

Saudi Welcomes Women in Tourism Sector

For decades, Middle East nations have been carrying the burden of not working enough to provide sufficient representation to their female nationalities. However, such a notion is due to change in upcoming years.

Recently, Saudi Arabia announced its plans to include women to organize trips for tourists in the Kingdom. The regulation came into effect on Friday and aims to improve the mere numbers of women in the tourism sector to provide better job options and empowerment opportunities to qualified females. The new regulation comes in place after the Crown Prince decided to boost tourism in the state as part of the Vision 2030 initiative.

In detail, the rule states that a tour organizer must hold valid citizenship of Saudi (a Saudi national) or a foreign investor having a valid license, irrespective of the gender. As per the regulation, a tour advisor or organizer is a person who is given the license to organize tourism itineraries in Saudi Arabia and market within or outside the Kingdom in return for specific rates. A tour organizer is advised to include accommodation, entertainment, car rentals, management of tourist destinations, and insurance brokerage. In addition to empowering women to join the tourism industry of Saudi Arabia, the new regulation by the Tourism Ministry of Saudi Arabia has also made it mandatory for tour organizers to have valid insurance policies for tourists as they carry on with their trips.

Tourism is not the only industry that is seeing an influx of females after the Vision 2030 initiative was announced by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. Even construction is set to welcome more women in leadership and management roles in Saudi as new reforms to include females were passed. The Vision 2030 initiative by the Crown Prince even resulted in allowing women to open their own business without any male’s permission and receive a driving license for the first time in 2018. All of these strategies are launched by the current Saudi Arabia Authority to boost the economy of the nation, welcome women in different professions, and invite migrants and big businesses to the state.

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